How to recover deleted EFI partitions on Windows 10

How to recover deleted EFI partitions on Windows 10

Deleting the EFI partition on Windows 10 will get an error and you are struggling to know how to fix this? Today’s article would like to send you instructions to recover deleted EFI partitions on Windows 10 quickly.

During the new Windows installation process, the EFI partition will be created. This is an extremely important partition of this operating system. Once this partition is corrupted or deleted, you will not be able to boot into your computer.

How to recover an EFI partition when deleted on Windows 10

How to recover deleted EFI partitions on Windows 10

1. Create deleted EFI partition

Step 1: First you have to Create USB boot UEFI standard to be able to reboot the device. has instructions on how to create this. The way you refer create UEFI standard USB boot using Rufus here

Step 2: Next to you boots computer with the UEFI standard USB boot just created above.

Step 3: Friend press Shift + F10 on the windows launch screen to launch the Command Prompt window.

how to remove phishing efi on windows 10 2

Step 4: In this window, you run each of the following commands and then press Enter .


list disk

select disk N (N submitted to the disk which contains the deleted the EFI System partition)

list partition

create partition efi

format quick fs = fat32

list partition

list volume (find the volume letter which belongs to the installed Windows OS)

exit (exit diskpart)

bcdboot C: windows (C elab to the volume letter of installed Windows OS)

The Bcdboot C: windows command will copy the boot from the Windows partition to the EFI system partition and create a BCD storage in the partition.

Step 5: If you do not encounter any errors in the above processes, then turn off your computer.

Step 6: Next, remove the USB boot from the computer and turn it on again.

Step 7 : Check if you can access the EFI partition and recover successfully.

2. Backup and clean Install Windows 10

Step 1: Like above, you first Install USB boot UEFI standard. I have downloaded the link above.

Step 2: Next, you plug in a USB device used to back up data to the computer and boot from the installer.

Step 3: In Menu install, you choose Repair your computer .

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Step 4: Then choose Troubleshoot ->Advanced ->Command Prompt .

how to remove efi partition on windows 10 4

Step 5: In Command Prompt you proceed to enter notepad and press enter .

Step 6: Next you click File ->Open to access the file Explorer .

Step 7: Your job now is Copy Everything important in drive C to USB or external hard drive.

Step 8: Once you are done backing up, reboot from USB boot and install Windows 10.
So above I have shown you how to recover deleted EFI partitions on Windows 10. I wish you success.


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