How to recover forgotten Excel passwords with Passper

How to recover forgotten Excel passwords with Passper

Forgotten Excel file password? Cannot copy or print a worksheet due to the limits set in Excel file? Cannot edit a password-protected Excel file? Passper for Excel tool will help you recover your password to open Excel file without affecting the original data with smart solutions.

Microsoft Office has a security option, which allows users to set a password to protect their documents, as well as the current worksheet, spreadsheet structure, adding digital signatures and more. Password protected documents cannot be opened or edited unless you enter the correct password. Suppose now, you have an important document and you forgot the password. You only remember a little trough about this password but not completely accurate. What would you do in this situation? Passper for Excel password recovery tool from IMyFone will dispel your worries and help you find your password quickly.

Passper for Excel password recovery tool

Passper for Excel will help you delete lost or forgotten Excel passwords without affecting the original data in the spreadsheet. It provides 2 different solutions. The first is to recover the password and the second is to remove any restrictions that apply to the document.

How to recover excel password with password 2

1. Recover Excel password

You click on the option Recover passwords and choose a file. It is important that the next option where you must select the recovery method to find the password associated with that Excel file. First, you need to think about a few details to make the recovery process faster.

– Look for a password that can be used to lock files.
– Password with numbers, special characters, or a string of letters …
– Password related to your date of birth, phone number or anyone …

After you have got a bit of necessary information, the software will crack Excel files more easily. You click on one of the methods in the section Select a recovery method.

how to remove excel password using password 3

1.1. Combination Attack

This method combines all the characters you choose. This will help narrow the selected character range, not all characters. For example, you don’t know the password, but you can know the characters used as specific numbers or letters. After selecting them, the software will begin to combine only those characters.

– Password strength.
– Prefix and suffix.
– Lowercase and uppercase letters.
– Icon.

How to reset excel password with password 4

If the password you guess is close to the actual password, the recovery process will take place quickly. In this case, if the computer has a multi-core CPU and GPU technology, the recovery speed is significantly increased. For example, when you perform a heavy load on an old computer, the processing process will take days to complete compared to several hours on a powerful computer.

1.2. Dictionary Attack

The software has a dictionary with millions of passwords that people use, including words, numbers, special characters, uppercase, lowercase and a combination of all.

1.3. Mask Attack

Exclude some characters that you don’t use and then type the characters you think will appear in the password. As a result, this mode will rely on the characters you enter and combine with all other possible characters, except for excluded characters.

1.4. Brute Force Attack

While in the Mask Attack option, some characters may be omitted from the prediction, Brute Force Attack mode uses everything. That is why if you choose this method, the password recovery process takes a lot of time because there are too many wrong predictions.

how to remove excel password with password 4

Once the software can crack the password, it will reveal the password. You can copy it and open the password-protected Excel file. Please make sure you have saved the password somewhere or remove the password by going to File> Info> Protect workbook and disable it.

2. Remove the limits in the Excel file

Many customers who submit a document will have restrictions. This is useful in many cases because any changes in formatting or modifications in the data are confusing. However, if you want to customize the document a bit, these restrictions need to be removed and it’s time for the Remove Restrictions feature to perform its task.

Launch the software, select the mode Remove Restrictions. It will remove any type of restrictions applied in the file, including read-only, protected Excel sheets, cannot copy spreadsheets, cannot print and more. After they are removed, you can proceed to edit as if you created the file yourself.

how to remove excel password with password password 6
In general, anyone who wants to recover a password-protected Excel file, Passper for Excel is a great solution. It can recover passwords that open Excel files and remove passwords that protect Excel files without affecting the original data. In addition, you guys refer to the way Break the Excel pass, remove Sheet password in Excel here.


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