How to recover photos, recover deleted videos on Android

You can use Recuva or DishDigger photo recovery … to recover deleted photos and videos on Android. With these two software, you can easily recover photos and videos that you accidentally deleted from Android.

Storing data including photos, videos directly on the phone is a common problem today, but that is why many people have mistakenly deleted their important photos and videos without even knowing it.

Recover deleted photos, videos on Android

In the previous article, Taimienphi has shared with you how Get back deleted photos and videos on iPhoneHowever, with this method, you can only recover deleted data not long ago (not more than 30 days). What about on an Android phone? On Android you will easily recover deleted data because of the compatibility of the open source operating system very well with third-party applications, along with a combination of a lot of applications of the developers. Because of that, we will show you how today Recover deleted photos, videos on Android phones. Keep track of how to get back photos, videos on Android phones below.

Method 1: Recover deleted data on Android phones with Recuva software

To completely recover deleted photos and videos on Android, you should use data recovery software on your computer to get back photos and videos with high efficiency. Here we recommend using Recuva to recover, Recuva is one of the most popular data recovery software.

Step 1: Download the software recuva

– Connect your phone to the computer and start up Recuva. Next, click the data format item to be restored, here select recover images -> select Pictures -> select next

Delete videos on Android

Step 2: Here you select the folder containing the image and video files to be restored and click Scan to Recuva to scan for deleted image or video files.

re-create the photos and videos on android phone

After identifying images and videos to retrieve, tick them and click Recover so the program will get back to you.

Method 2: Get back photos, videos, recover deleted data on Android phones

If you do not have a computer, you can also use the data recovery application right on that Android phone DiskDigger photo recovery. Using DiskDigger for Android is very simple, after opening the application it will display two options Basic scan (basic scan) supports devices that are not yet Rooted and Full scan (Full scan) supports devices that are Rooted.

If your device is already rooted, the app will allow you to select a memory partition to scan. The memory in your device usually appears as / data, and the device’s SD card usually appears as / mnt / sdcard.

reinstall the device on your Android phone

If your device is not Rooted, click the button Start Basic Photo scan to continue and to the part Scanning for files The following.

When you use the application on a rooted device, you should be able to see a superuser request window. Now you press Allow to grant access to DiskDigger.

After you select the memory devices to scan, you will select the types of files you want to recover. For better performance, you should choose the file types that you really need to recover.

When the application starts to scan for deleted files, you will see on the main screen the DiskDigger screen showing the recovered files.

Android data recovery

Here you can select which files to recover by checking the checkbox of each file. You can also go to the menu displayed with a 3-dot icon on each file for recovery options for each file.

re-install the Android phone app

Also to choose large number of files, you choose Select all to select all files via the 3-dot icon in the upper right corner of the application.

reinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy phone

Clicking the Settings button with the gear icon in the upper right corner of the application will allow you to filter recovered files based on file size and type. If you want to impose a minimum size on the files displayed, click the checkbox next to it Minimum file size and enter the minimum number of bytes below. The default, minimum size is enabled when restoring images, to filter out most other images that can be put into your device memory.

Android data recovery using diskdigger

DiskDigger provides three different ways for you to save recovered files: Save to an application , Save to device , and FTP upload. To recover one or more files, click the checkmark next to the recovery files you want to recover, then click the Recover in the upper toolbar.

Delete images on Android

The application itself also recommends that you should use the way to save files through cloud computing applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Email …

It will need to be deleted on Android
So above we have instructed you on how to retrieve, recover deleted photos and videos on Android devices using Recuva data recovery software. Also to Recover lost data with Recuva, you also need to know about the features of the program from which to recover important data, avoiding the case of losing unwanted data.


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