How to recover trash on desktop

Recovering the recycle bin on the desktop is a simple way for you to get back accidentally deleted data (not deleted by Shift + Delete). However, if you are a new user of computers, you will not be able to know this simple trick. Refer to the following article to equip basic operations before using the computer as well as recover deleted data offline.

The Windows Recycle Bin is a place where users can easily recover deleted files by pressing the Delete key. And if you are new to the computer, you may not know this feature nor know how Retrieve data from the trash if deleted by mistake. Therefore, the following article will be a basic guide for you to recover the trash on your desktop, regain your mistakenly deleted data.

Note: By default, the desktop icon will always have the trash icon and usually next to the My computer icon. However, if it is hidden, you can show it again via the Hide, My Computer icon is displayed, Network, Recycle Bin desktop we have shared earlier.

How to recover trash on desktop

Step 1: From the user interface on the desktop, double-click the trash icon.

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Step 2: Here you define and select the data to retrieve (press the Ctrl button simultaneously) then select Restore the selected items. The data you select will then restore to the folder you deleted it.

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Or you can also right-click and select Restore

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In case you don’t remember where the file is saved, you can press the key combination Ctrl + X and paste in the new folder again.

So just a few simple steps above can help you get back the files you deleted. However, as mentioned above, for the files that you have pressed Shift + Delete, they will no longer be in the “trash” that you must use data recovery software to get back.
Along with that, if readers regularly delete files using the Delete key, the trash can become full of data and consume the memory of the device. So if you do not have time to clean the device, you can set up for automatic deletion after 30 days. More specifically, readers can follow the article setup instructions Automatically delete files Recycle Bin Windows 10 after 30 days that we shared earlier. I wish you success and scientific management of your equipment.


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