How to recover unsaved word files, get back unsaved text

Recovering unsaved word files, retrieving unsaved text is not a way, so you do not need to worry about forgetting to save word files. With the instructions below, you can recover unsaved word files at home easily and quickly.

For inexperienced users, they will use Ctrl + S frequently during editing to save text. This is a manual method that takes a long time, even in some cases we cannot remember to perform this operation regularly. As a result, many users sometimes encounter unexpected problems such as a power outage or the “Not Responding” message and are forced to close. And if the text has not been saved and when you re-enable it will certainly lose the data you entered earlier. In Word or any other editor there is a backup plan in case the document is closed suddenly, which is the data recovery function of Word. You can use this function to restore unsaved Word files and to be more specific, please read the following instructions on how to recover unsaved Word files immediately.

How to recover unsaved word files, get back unsaved text

How to recover unsaved word files

Download and install Word 2007
This article, we do on Word 2007, for other Word versions like Word 2010, 2013, 2016 and the latest version of Word 2019 you can do the same.
Step 1: On the interface using Word, you choose to WordOptions> Save> Save Documents> AutoRecovery file location. Here copy the path containing the folder where the recovery file is stored.

how to find the word file archives, how to find the word file archives

Step 2: Open Windows Explorer, continue to paste the path and press enter to open.

how to ask the word writer sourly

Step 3: All unsaved Word files will be here so you can get back the unsaved Word file you need. These files have the .asd extension, you can open them with Word.

How to save the word file?

Step 4: Also you can choose when the Word file is automatically saved. The default is 5 minutes, but if your computer is having problems then you should choose 1 or 2 minutes for safety.

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With the way to set the time automatically saved in words, you will no longer have to worry about having to search and retrieve unsaved word files in the word when the computer is suddenly powered down or an error message appears and it is required to close word. .

So introduced to you how to restore unsaved Word files with simple and brief steps. In this article, Taimienphi instructs you how to perform to retrieve unsaved text in Word 2007, with other versions such as 2010, 2013, 2016 you can perform completely similar.
Besides finding the Word file that has not been saved, readers can also choose the time the Word file is automatically saved with the option Save AutoRecovery information every. This way you can minimize the loss of documents during drafting. Because Word has Auto-Saved mode, even if you have not saved the document, our file is still here, you will see the file in * .ASD format, when you open it, you will see the content you have just edited. As intact (may take a few small paragraphs at the end), you just need to Save the file in .doc or .docx format and continue the drafting work. If you like to learn, please refer to the article that we have introduced ..

Normally you all know how to store text files on folders available on the hard drive. So how to create a new folder to store Word files while we are working with them? Tips Create a folder to save Word documents will help you do this while working on a specific Word document. And you can choose the path to save the new folder as you like.


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