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How to register for a My Sony account


This article is for those who have or are about to use Sony products and know and enjoy many benefits from the My Sony service, it only takes 1 minute to register for My Sony, create a free My Sony account, people User has received a lot of benefits from Sony.

It only takes 1 minute for you to complete all procedures My Sony subscription It is possible to enjoy a lot of favors and services from Sony Corporation. Not only that, users can buy products online that are distributed in Vietnam or find dealers. Not only that, users can also look up product information as well as receive support from Sony employees.

how to register my sony account

Instructions to register My Sony, create a My Sony account

Step 1: To register for My Sony, you just need to visit the link HERE.
Step 2: Once inside the My Sony account registration interface, you will see Sony will ask if you are using any product. Let’s Answer no and Fill in the Email come in. We can import products later.

how to sign up for sony 2

Step 3: Here you enter full name, password, telephone number, date of birth and gender as well as where to live and send it to My Sony.

how to sign up for sony 3

Step 4: After the notice of successful registration of Sony is required, the user needs to Enter your email address to activate your account.

how to register a sony 4 account

Step 5: Go to your Email, search for messages sent by My Sony, here you click Confirm Email to complete your My Sony registration.

how to register an sony sony 5

Step 6: You can then click on the login section to proceed with the login.

how to register a sony 6 account

Or do not you click on the address HERE will give you the same result to sign in to My Sony.

how to register a sony 7 account

Step 7: Here we only need to enter the email address and password just now to proceed to login My Sony.

how to register an sony 8 headphone

Thus, we have completed the registration for My Sony and logged into the service of My Sony. Here you have the right to import products that you have purchased from Sony so that you can control the status of the product, with a warranty or not to ask for Sony’s help if there is a problem.

how to register a sony 9 account

All registered products only require a serial number and immediately purchase the product, so it is necessary to keep the purchase invoices. Importing products into your My Sony registration account will help you manage your products more easily, with more information.

how to register an sony 10 headset

Not only does it help you manage your product well, My Sony also allows users to buy goods online or find Sony dealers in case the item is not sold online.

how to register a sony 11 account

Sony is a large Japanese corporation specializing in electronic devices such as game consoles, music players, phones, cameras or televisions and other audio products.

how to sign up for sony 12

There are many Sony dealers in Vietnam, so it is not difficult to find a genuine Sony store to try and buy. In addition to the main dealer, users can go to Sony Centers to experience the company’s new and high-end products.

how to sign up for sony 13

Users can order online via COD, direct payment or via visa, in addition Sony also free shipping all products listed with the best price, great warranty. .

how to sign up for sony 14

Referring to My Sony and its products, it is impossible not to mention the most popular and popular gaming consoles of Sony in the world. If you are a gamer you will not be missed the opportunity to own these genuine products.

how to sign up for sony 15

Do not forget to register My Sony and users can search your questions here, My Sony support system works very well and helps users to solve problems soon.

how to sign up for sony 16

Above are instructions on how to register for a My Sony account and how you need to know the service after signing up for a My Sony account. One of the very important parts when registering for a My Sony account is product registration, we must know the IMEI number. So how to Check Sony IMEI? Reference immediately check Sony IMEI Here and follow the instructions.
Another advantage when signing up for a My Sony account is that you will know all the Sony warranty addresses, how the Sony warranty address though present throughout the country but not always the user is interested. Therefore, My Sony tells you these locations is a big advantage.



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