How to register for D79P Vinaphone package to receive 90GB/month

D79P Vinaphone is a package with a huge data capacity for you to use within 1 month, allowing users to freely choose from 1-month Vinaphone packages, if you do not want to use Vinaphone 1-day or weekly data packages. In addition, the package D79P Vinaphone not only provides data but also has more incentives for voice calls for you to call relatives and friends without worrying about charges. The following article will guide you to register for the D79P Vinaphone package.

Instructions for registering D79P Vinaphone package

To register for the D79P Vinaphone package, you compose a message DKV D79P send to 1543. Package costs 79,000 VND / registration and get use within 30 days.

Currently, the package is deployed nationwide but only applies to subscribers in the list of receiving invitations to use the D79P Vinaphone package. To check, you can compose a text message CTKM to 900 or press *091#OK to see if you have received the offer.

After successful registration, you will receive benefits including:

  • 3GB data access network per day, equivalent to 90GB data according to the 30-day cycle of the package.
  • Free 1500 minutes for on-net calls.
  • Receive 60 minutes of off-net calls.
  • Data incentives will be added every day, if used up, the system will disconnect.
  • Calling privileges exceed the rates charged according to current regulations.

To check the remaining voice and data offers of the D79P package, text Tracuu D79P to 900 (Free). When you run out of need to use the D79P package, you can cancel the package with the syntax: HUY D79P send 900 (Free).


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