How to register for VE55 Vinaphone package to watch movies for free

Many network operators have deployed entertainment packages, helping users not only have data to go online but also be able to comfortably entertain at any time. Package VE55 Vinaphone is an attractive entertainment package for VieON viewers, when you will be completely free of charge to watch all programs on VieON during 1 month. This is a service package exclusively for those who want an entertainment package, but do not want to have to register for multiple data packages. The following article will guide you to register for the VE55 Vinaphone package.

Instructions for registering VE55 Vinaphone

To register for VE55 Vinaphone package, you text VE55 to 888 or DK VE55 to 888. Packages have price 55,000 VND and can be used within 30 days since the package registration is successful. After successful registration, customers will receive benefits including:

  • Free data access to VieON application.
  • Watch all content of movies, TV shows, TV channels on VieOn’s application, including content with VIP logo (on 1 mobile device).

Currently, the package is applied to prepaid subscribers who have not registered any package of Vinaphone. Package fee will be deducted from user’s main account. Package takes effect immediately after successful registration/renewal and is valid until the end of the subscription/renewal month.

Packages are registered simultaneously with other basic data packages, it is not allowed to register simultaneously with VieOn packages with the same content benefits. Note, the package VE55 Vinaphone has an automatic renewal feature, so you can check the package capacity with the syntax DATAKM to send to 888. When there is no need, cancel the package with the syntax HUY VE55 to 888.


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