How to register GT30 Vinaphone free data using the app

GT30 Vinaphone is a new package that was deployed in October 2021 and is also very different from other packages on the same network or Viettel data packages, for example. The package GT30 Vinaphone will not give you data to use in the month, but will free all data when we access entertainment applications. Thus, this package is very suitable for those who need to use entertainment applications a lot, such as online movie watching applications. The following article will guide you to register GT30 Vinaphone.

Instructions for registering GT30 Vinaphone package

To register for GT30 Vinaphone package, users text GT30 to 888 or DK GT30 to 888.

Pack of data costs 75,000 and is used for 30 days since successful registration. Currently, the package is deployed nationwide and applied to prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers who have not joined any packages. We can press CTKM to send 900 or call 18001091 to actively check if we can register for this GT30 Vinaphone package.

When successfully registering GT30 Vinaphone, users will receive Completely free data to access and use Youtube, VieON, Nhaccuatui applications. These are some popular applications for watching videos, listening to music and watching movies, so anyone with a great need to use entertainment applications can consider this data package.

GT30 Vinaphone has an auto-renew feature when your main account has a minimum of 75,000 VND. To find out how much is left of the GT30 VinaPhone package, write DATAKM and send it to 888.

When the user no longer needs to use the package, please actively cancel the package to avoid the fee incurred according to the syntax HUY GT30 to 888.


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