How to release RAM helps the computer run faster

Today the need to use large applications means that we need to expand RAM to run those applications smoothly. To minimize RAM for unnecessary activities to be used for larger applications, you will need some of the following tips to free up RAM to make your computer run faster.

The release of RAM will help your computer work less sluggish, speed up processing for other necessary programs, save more power because there will be no need to run underground applications.

How to release RAM on your computer makes your computer faster

Method 1: Disable the background program / start on Windows

Step 1: Right click on the bar Taskbar, Selection Task Manager to open the Task Manager task manager window.

Step 2: On the Task Manager window, switch to the tab Startup to see applications started with Windows.

how to style ram on a computer

Step 3: Right-click then select Disable to turn off startup with Windows with applications that you do not need, consume Ram memory.

how to style ram on a computer

Sometimes extensions installed on the browser also take up relatively RAM, delete unnecessary extensions to save memory.

Step 4: On the browser window Google Chrome choose More (3 dots icon)>More tools >Extension

how to style ram on a computer

Step 5: You will be returned to the Google Chrome extension management page. Here if you see the extension you need, delete it by clicking on the trash can next to the extension and then selecting Remove.

how to style ram on a computer

Method 2: Disable unnecessary services

There are many services on Windows that you do not use, disable those services to reduce your RAM load.

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R to open the dialog box Run. Then type services.msc and press Enter.

how to style ram on a computer

Step 2: On the window Services, you can find unnecessary services and double-click them to open Properties.

how to style ram on a computer

Step 3: Switch mode Startup Type about Disable to completely disable them on Windows then press OK, got it Those services will not start unless you switch the Startup Type to Automatic or Manual

how to style ram on a computer

If you want to stop the service temporarily, right-click on the service you want to stop and select Stop. Service will be temporarily suspended until you Start or restart the computer.

how to style ram on a computer

Only stop services that you really don’t need, avoid confusion and stop system services.

Method 3: Reduce the amount of RAM occupied

If you use VGA Onboard, the RAM will be divided quite a lot to give to your VGA (from 512MB to 1GB RAM). To check which devices are taking up your RAM, follow the steps below

Step 1:Press the key combination Windows + R to open the window Run. Then type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.

how to style ram on a computer

Step 2: On the window Device Manager, select menu View -> Resources by type

how to style ram on a computer

Step 3: Click on the mouse Memory to test memory usage devices RAM your.

how to style ram on a computer

If there are unnecessary card extensions, you can remove them to reduce the amount of ram being occupied. You can come in BIOS and open the menu Onboard Device Configuration good Integrated Peripherals to be able to disable devices such as graphics cards, network cards, sound cards, …

Method 4: Turn off the unnecessary features

If you have a weak configuration, you should not use all the features on Windows if not needed. The Aero interface is quite a RAM-intensive interface, so you can switch back to the Classic interface to save maximum RAM.

Method 5: Customize File Explorer

If Google Chrome is extremely wasting RAM because the feature of each tab is a separate process, if this tab is suspended, the remaining tabs can still work smoothly. File Explorer also. Although this feature helps you quite comfortable when using File Explorer, it consumes more than 10MB of RAM for each File Explorer window. Please disable this feature to limit the RAM is occupied.

Step 1: On Windows 10 open Start Menu and type Folder Options to open the Folder Options window. On lower Windows systems like Windows 7, select File Explorer in the window Tools ->Folder Options

how to style ram on a computer

Step 2: On the Folder Options window, switch to the View tab and uncheck the box Launch folder windows in a separate process then press OK, got it to complete.

Method 6: Restrict hanging applications that are not working

When you are running an application that switches to other work eg you are using Google Chrome and hangs Facebook nick. Google Chrome will still consume a lot of RAM for that nick. So if you feel it’s unnecessary, turn off redundant tabs or turn off apps so your RAM has more memory for other apps you need.

Method 7: Avoid installing unnecessary tools and software

On the ad network there are many optimization tools to help you run smoother. But that is only an advertisement, if you install an application, it will definitely take up your memory for installation, sometimes there are software that also installs programs that run in the background. on the computer. So don’t rely on tools that help you free up RAM. In short, what you need to do is to restrict installation and use of unnecessary applications.

Method 8: Track the programs that take up RAM on Task Manager

You can start the task manager to check which applications are active and how much RAM is being occupied, thereby stopping the application to take up RAM in order to properly release RAM.

Step 1: Right click on the bar Taskbar and choose Task Manager.

Step 2: On the task manager switch to tab DetailsLeft click on the column Memory to arrange applications that occupied RAM from high to low or vice versa.

how to style ram on a computer

Step 3: If you find any unnecessary programs that take up RAM, turn them off by right-clicking on the program and selecting End process tree. All programs related to it will be disabled.

how to style ram on a computer

If your computer has a limited amount of RAM, install only the applications needed for your work. There is also a very useful tool that CCleaner cleans hard drive memory, deletes junk files and unnecessary processes to speed up your computer, she works more smoothly.
Coc Coc is one of the most popular browsers in Vietnam today, using Coc Coc helps you surf the web, go to Facebook more simply, however, in many cases, Coc Coc uses a lot of RAM, causing your other activities. slow down or maybe the computer is frozen, there are many ways to fix Coc Coc error using lots of RAM without too much effort. Good luck !


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