How to remove animation effects in PowerPoint

For each presentation, creating an animated effect for the presentation is extremely important, this makes the presentation more lively, creating excitement for followers, if created, the deletion Animation on PowerPoint is not too difficult, please follow the steps in the article below.

Manipulation Create motion effects in PowerPoint PowerPoint is one of the basic and necessary operations for users when working on PowerPoint to create presentations. For each topic, when making a presentation, users will use and choose different effects to best suit the content that you are creating for the presentation. Where if you want to change you can disable PowerPoint animations, even delete PowerPoint motion effects.

Disable effects and remove animations on PowerPoint slides.

Instructions to delete animation effects in PowerPoint

In this article, we will demonstrate how to remove animation effects on slides PowerPoint 2019. With older versions such as PowerPoint 2016, 2013, 2010 you can do the same.

1. How to delete PowerPoint motion effects

Step 1: First, you open the PowerPoint file using the motion effects up. If the file contains slides that use motion effects -> you will see a star icon as in the image below. You click on the slide you want to delete motion effects.

How to delete powerpoint on powerpoint 2

Step 2: Then you click on the tab Animations -> and then select the content object in the slide you want to delete the animation. This could be an image, a text or a frame.

Next, you click None right in the effect bar below to remove the animation you used.

how to delete powerpoint on powerpoint 3

If you do not see the option None it may be because you use a lot of effects so it’s obscured -> you just need to click on the triangle icon to expand the effect frame on the slide -> Then, you will see the option None.

How to remove powerpoint on powerpoint 4

After you click on it None, immediately the selected objects will no longer have an effect. In case you want to delete the effect of many other objects on Slide -> you press the key Ctrl then click on those objects -> next, you also click on None to delete.

how to delete powerpoint on powerpoint 5

Step 3: To delete effects on a slide, click Ctrl + A to select the entire slide -> then go to the tab Animations -> and then select None to remove the current effects for the selected slide.

For other slides, if you want to delete, you can do the same thing to delete all motion effects on the slides.

how to delete powerpoint on powerpoint 6

As a result, you will delete all created effects. You will notice that the first slide loses the star icon as in the image below.

how to delete powerpoint on powerpoint 7

2. How to disable PowerPoint animation effects

When you delete above, the effects will no longer show on the slide, and of course, that slide has no effect. Also disable the animation effect is that you only turn off the effects when users present the content, and when you switch to edit mode on the slide, the effects are still there.

Step 1: In PowerPoint slides with motion effects -> click on the tab Slide Show then select Set Up Slide Show as in the picture below:

how to delete the application on powerpoint 8

Step 2: In the interface Set Up Show, you look down the section Show options -> you tick on Show without animations (show without using animation) -> then tap OK, got it to save.

how to delete the application on powerpoint 9

You will still see the star icon on the Slide, but because you chose the mode that does not use animation effects when presenting, so when users present the presentation, the animation effects you have created before are not use.

how to delete powerpoint on powerpoint 10

To replay PowerPoint slides with motion effects, you just need to uncheck at Show without animations is to be.
The article above has just introduced and showed you two ways to not use motion effects in PowerPoint slides. You can Delete animation in PowerPoint or disable them without removing them all. You choose the specific case to choose how to adjust the responses to best suit, in addition, you see more How to insert flash into PowerPoint here. Good luck!


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