How to remove date formats in Excel 2019

If you enter text but the input box converts to a date format in Excel, it’s inconvenient! So is there any way to remove date format in Excel? The answer is yes! Let’s learn the steps in this article to remove date format fast on Excel.

Excel is the most popular calculation and editing application for working with tables. Most of the tables, calculations using real formula, users choose Excel to use. The problem in this article is that for the previous cells that were formatted as dates but when you need to correct the text format, you can not fix it, such as entering 12-6 to 6-Dec … inconvenient for typing. The best way is Remove date format in Excel convert to a different format, such as a text format.

Remove date format in Excel

Instructions to remove date format in Excel 2019

In this tutorial, we will demo the date formatting deprecation in Excel 2019. In fact, this is not to turn off the date format, in fact this is how you give up the current format and convert it to a format. other to use.

Step 1: Open Excel, select (highlight) the cells you want to un-format or select the entire range of data you will enter numeric data.

How to create a formula in Excel 2019 2

Step 2: In the menu tab Home Click on the down arrow as described in the image below Number Format -> and then select the format of the format Text.

How to create a formula in Excel 2019 3

Step 3: As a result, when you enter a new number or delete a newly converted cell number in an Excel spreadsheet, it will no longer automatically be converted to a date format.

How to create a formula in Excel 2019 4

In addition to instructing you to remove the date format, you can also use spaces or single quotes (‘) before entering numbers, for example, you enter ’12 -6 or ’12 – 2, the data displayed will not be converted to date because there is a single quotation mark in the front so that Excel does not understand the format as a number, so it will not be converted to a date format. These two methods, if used for normal purposes, are only for viewing, but if later used to calculate or convert the format, Excel will not handle it, so you should consider it. okay.

Above is the tutorial Remove date format in Excel 2019 by changing to another format that suits your current usage needs. You should refer to the date functions in Excel that has introduced to know how to convert according to the calculation syntax of the function.
In addition, for Excel files that you need to convert numbers to dates because the file format is changed because when you convert files, copy data … you can change it. You follow the instructions in the article convert numbers to dates Here then follow it! Good luck.


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