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How to remove Net Framework, delete Net Framework on the computer


Because it is not a software, removing NET FramWork will be difficult when you want to remove it from your computer. If you do not use NET FramWork, you can remove NET FramWork by following the steps that instructed in the article below.

The .NET Framework is built-in in all versions of windows, but you still have to install other versions if you want to use some of the required games and software. But if you feel like it has nothing to do with yourself, or the things you are using do not require the .NET Framework, just go ahead. Uninstall the Net Framework away from the computer.

In addition to installing the .NET Framework, there are also a lot of errors and not always one turn is complete, there are many errors such as HRESULT 0xc8000222 when installing, and countless other errors that make us uncomfortable. To Fix HRESULT 0xc8000222 errors When installing the .NET Framework will make you feel uncomfortable because you encounter errors every day, but you do not see the benefits from the installation, do not need to worry much. Here will guide you how to uninstall NET Framework on your computer offline.

Instructions to remove the .NET Framework on the computer:

First you need the tools NET Framework Cleanup Tool To remove the .NET Framework:

Download .Net FrameWork 2 version: Net Framework 2.0
Download .Net FrameWork 3 version: Net Framework 3.0
Download .Net FrameWork 3.5 version: Net Framework 3.5
Download .Net FrameWork 4 version: Net Framework 4.0
Download .Net FrameWork version 4.5: Net Framework 4.5
Download .Net FrameWork version 4.6.1: Net Framework 4.6.1

Step 1: After downloading the program, use Winrar extract software to extract it.

delete the net framework

Step 2: After decompression, go to the directory and double click on p

delete the net framework

Step 3: Click Yes to install.

Remove the net framework on the computer

Step 4: Click Yes to install the software.

Install the net framework

Step 5: As soon as the program interface screen appears, Select the version of NET Framework available in your computer and select.go to the net framework

Step 6: Click Cleanup Now to remove the net framework.

uninstall net framework

Instructions to Uninstall Net Framework

Step 7: After the software announces “Product Cleanup succeeded,” you have completed the removal of the .NET Framework on your computer.

Install the .net framework has guided you how to remove the .NET Framework, with just a few basic steps, you have completely removed the version of the .NET Framework that you do not like from the computer, but if you are a gamer, do not miss it. Hand delete them. Because a lot of games are needed. In addition, you will not be able to install Bluestack if you remove all versions of the .NET Framework from your computer, and you will definitely have to after that. fix NET Framework error when installing Bluestack If you want to use it again.



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