How to remove red underlines in Word 2019

To remove the red underline in Word 2019 or the blue underline is not difficult, this deletion will help the document to look more clear and less distracting, this is the spell checking feature of Word 2019, helping users when editing know which part of the spelling error is active in order to correct it, but for Vietnamese text, you should turn this feature off to avoid false warnings.

The first time you use Word when you install Word and then start editing text, especially in Vietnamese, you will see red or blue underlines in the text that you just import. So is there any way to delete the underlined red dot in Word? The answer is yes!

Delete underscores in Word

The reason for the underlined red mark in Word

This is actually an inbuilt feature of the MS Word 2019 application, when this feature is enabled, it will automatically detect and highlight misspelled areas, even detect grammatical errors. When you use Word, if you misspell the spelling, the application will automatically catch errors and display an underscore to notify the editor to actively control and correct errors.

Currently, the spell checker Word will check in English, in case you type and type in Vietnamese, though you type correctly, Word will still understand that you are typing wrong, and of course will show tiles. red legs. If you type correctly in the English language, there will be no red underlined.

Therefore, if you are editing mainly in Vietnamese, to avoid each time you see a red underline in Word, simply turn off this check feature, the red or blue underline will be displayed. auto take.

Instructions for deleting red underlines in Word 2019

The image below is the interface to capture a document with a lot of content in Vietnamese underlined in red.

How to clean a book in word 2019 2

To remove the underlined red word in Word 2019, you turn off the spell checking feature, you do the following:

Step 1: Click on the menu File, appears a list of functions, you click on Options.

How to clean a book in word 2019 3

Step 2: Display Word Options appears, busy clicking Proofing in the left menu row -> next is to scroll down to find and deselect the items in the section When correcting spelling and grammar in Word As shown below, uncheck then press OK, got it to complete.

How to clean a book in word 2019 4

Step 3: As a result, all the underlined red marks in Word have been removed, you continue to edit in normal Vietnamese and will not appear the underlined red phenomenon anymore.

How to clean a book in word 2019 5

If you want to turn on the spelling check feature again, repeat the steps we just explained above, then check the boxes again in the When correcting spelling and grammar in Word same as the image above will enable this feature again.

So you know how Delete the underlined red marker in Word 2019 Alright! Disabling this function is simple, isn’t it! Right now, if your editing program is experiencing the same situation as what we said in the article, do the deactivation spell checker to remove unwanted underlines in Word.

In addition, during the drafting process, especially when writing an administrative document, you should pay attention to the presentation of the standard text such as which font should be written, choose the appropriate font size, margins, margins what is right … all you need to follow the rules, the format of the text as well as the standard text presentation technique. Refer to the instructions text presentation Standard here for how to use.
I wish you successful implementation!


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