How to remove software with CCleaner

In addition to uninstalling software applications in Control Panel, users can now easily uninstall software with CCleaner – a cleaner, optimizing the computer system used by many people today. Immediately refer to the instructions to remove applications, software on your computer with CCleaner in the article below.

Normally users who want to uninstall a program on a computer will usually go to Control Panel or navigate to the Uninstall file of the software or application to perform the uninstall. But if you are using CCleaner to clean junk, optimize computer system, uninstall applications, uninstall software with CCleaner is a reasonable solution and will be a lot faster than usual.

Uninstall applications and software on your computer with CCleaner

Instructions for removing software by CCleaner

You follow these steps to Uninstall software with CCleaner:

Step 1: At interface Ccleaner -> click on Tools.

how to uninstall ccleaner mem 2

Step 2: Select section Uninstall. You will see a complete list of applications and software that you have installed on your computer, laptop.

How to uninstall ccleaner software 3

Step 3: You click the software you want to remove, you will notice the button Uninstall will be displayed (light up) -> Click on it to perform software removal on your computer, laptop.

How to uninstall ccleaner software 4

Step 4: An interface to confirm the removal -> you click Yes to agree to remove this software and application.

how to uninstall ccleaner mem 5

Step 5: Immediately, the removal process will take a few seconds. Uninstall the application, you will follow the instructions of that software. As shown below is a complete uninstall notification -> click on it OK, got it to end the Uninstall software process.

How to uninstall ccleaner software 6

So you’ve just done the operation to uninstall software with CCleaner, It’s simple, right! In addition to use application uninstall software On computers like CCleaner above, you can also apply the way remove software to its root on the computer by going to the Registry, use the Fix it … tool to remove, remove.
The instructions, removal methods we have just mentioned above have been guided in detail on website, you should review and do not miss it. Good luck!


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