How to remove spaces in Google Sheets

To remove spaces in Google Sheets, you can immediately use the TRIM function to remove spaces, similar to using the TRIM function to remove spaces in Excel. In addition, depending on the case of leading, repeating or trailing spaces in the data, you can use many different ways to remove spaces in Google Sheets. The following article will show you how to remove spaces in Google Sheets.

1. Remove Google Sheets whitespace with the feature

Even in Google Sheets, there is also an option to remove spaces in the data for you to use if the space is not much.

Click on the data box which we want to remove the space, then click on Data item to select the feature. Display the list below, we click whitespace removal feature.

The selected cell results have been stripped of whitespace as shown below.

Remove whitespace Google Sheets

2. Remove whitespace in Google Sheets with the TRIM . function

Step 1:

In the box displaying the results after removing the space, we enter formula =TRIM(text). Here text is the data cell that needs to remove spaces. Press Enter to execute the TRIM function in Google Sheets

The TRIM function removes spaces in Google Sheets

Step 2:

Soon you will see the data has been stripped of spaces as shown below.

Enter the TRIM function to remove spaces in Google Sheets

Or you can also enter text directly into the TRIM function to use this function to remove spaces, in addition to using the data cell with the syntax =TRIM(“text”) and then also press Enter to do as shown below. this.

The TRIM function enters text to remove spaces Google Sheets

The resulting data will also remove spaces as shown below.

Google Sheets whitespace removal text


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