How to remove the VGA driver, computer display card

How to remove the VGA driver, computer display card

Usually you will remove the VGA monitor driver your computer like, with the most common way today, surely everyone knows. But is it safe to uninstall the VGA driver and is there a better solution to uninstall the video card? This article will give you the answer right below.

Job remove the VGA driver is the basic knowledge of computer users today, there are many reasons that users want to remove that old driver, but in this article we will not look for the reason why. remove the VGA driver. Instead will guide you 1 way to remove extremely safe and effective VGA driver named Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU).

Advantages of Display Driver Uninstaller:

– Basic settings, capacity bared.
– Do not occupy computer resources.
– There are many modes to choose, just enough and all features are needed for the user.
– Use completely free and compatible with all Windows operating systems.

How to remove the VGA monitor computer driver

Step 1: The first step is to “endure forever” that is to download Display Driver Uninstaller to your computer before you can install and use Display Driver Uninstaller to remove the VGA driver. Download Display Driver Uninstaller here.

Step 2: Wait for the Display Driver Uninstaller to finish loading, click on it to proceed with Extract this software, note that you can choose a location. Extract come out.

how to remove the vga card computer screen driver 2

Step 3: Then go to the medium directory Extract, select Display Driver Uninstaller.exe file and right click> select Run as administrator to proceed with running this software under the highest authority of the computer.

how to remove the VGA card driver computer display 3

Step 4: When starting to run the software will ask us to select the mode, in this article we will leave thường For ease of use, practical software encourage you to leave the mode Safe mode (The machine will automatically restart and revisit Display Driver Uninstaller for you) to make it safer.

How to remove the VGA card driver computer screen 4

Step 5: Soon you will see the interface of Display Driver Uninstaller, don’t worry because the functions of Display Driver Uninstaller are very simple.

how to remove the vga card computer screen driver 5

Step 6: First, let’s get acquainted with functions of this section, the first is Display Driver Uninstaller capable of identifying 3 common VGA types currently: Nvidia, AMD and Intel with 4 modes you can Selection.

how to remove the VGA card driver computer screen 6

Clean and restart: Clean VGA driver clean and reboot your computer.

Clean and do NOT restart: Uninstall the VGA driver but do not restart the computer (warning may cause black screen).

Clean and shutdown: Clean VGA driver clean and shutdown the computer (recommended if you want to install a new driver on your computer).

Remove display driver installer cache and files: This fourth option appears only when selecting the right type of VGA support for your computer, basically it removes the cache files in the VGA section rather than removing the VGA driver.

Step 7: In the Options section there are quite a lot of features, but you do not need to pay too much attention and focus on the line Create a system restore point (if allowed), this is a feature that allows you to create save points every time you execute the VGA driver removal using Display Driver Uninstaller.

how to remove the vga card computer screen driver 7

Step 8: There is also a very interesting feature that is the Set Windows Device Installation settings to Default mode, which means the system will temporarily install you a VGA driver to run temporarily when you proceed. remove the VGA driver completely, then you can install the latest replacement driver into.

how to remove the VGA card driver 8

Above is the whole feature of Display Driver Uninstaller that would like to introduce to readers as well as how to use Display Driver Uninstaller through explaining its function above, with Display Driver Uninstaller users can completely Be sure to uninstall the VGA driver and your computer will not encounter any errors. In case the system lacks drivers, you can refer to many automatic driver updates that Taimienphi has shared.
Also with Display Driver Uninstaller, users can completely eliminate the peace of mind if they encounter a situation Driver error cannot work with some faulty VGA lines.


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