How to remove viruses in USB

How do you detect viruses in your USB and how to remove viruses in USB without affecting the device or related components? The following guide will show you how to remove viruses in USB. The simplest and most secure USB.

Kill viruses in USB This is not a strange topic, it has become a problem of “hard talk and forever” on However, there are still many new readers of who want to find out this problem because this is a problem that users of computers and laptops with USB frequently encounter when downloading unidentified files or plugging USB sticks. into the strange computer.

In this article we will introduce you how to kill viruses in USB computer. Of course this can also be applied on hard drives, removable drives or on computers as usual. This is simply one of many ways that would recommend to readers. Ways to scan and antivirus in USB Safe, effective but easy to implement.

How to remove viruses in USB

1. Kill viruses in USB without anti-virus software

Assuming we have a USB drive and when we open it, there is nothing but a shortcut file, do the following to remove the virus in the USB.

how to diet virus in usb 2

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R later type CMD to access Command Prompt.

how to diet virus in usb 3

Step 2: In CMD, type the name of your drive, like this example, the USB drive is K so will Type the K command: to open this drive on b.

how to diet virus in usb 4

Step 3: After entering the USB drive, type next attrib -s -h K * / s / d and press enter.

how to diet virus in usb 5

Wait for a while, an unnamed folder will appear, where you copy all the files you want to copy to your computer and after copying, you reformat the USB to ensure safety for USB virus removal.

how to diet virus in usb 6

Step 4: Go to the USB format interface you choose next Start to start Format.

how to diet virus in usb 7

Then click OK, got it to confirm the USB format on the computer.

how to diet virus in usb 8

And after the notice appears Format Complete The format is complete, you should be able to use it normally.

How to diet virus in USB 9

2. Kill viruses in USB with USB Drive Antivirus

Download USB Drive Antivirus to your computer here, download USB Drive Antivirus.

Step 1: After downloading and installing USB Drive Antivirus, launch this software and then press next.

how to diet virus in usb 10

Step 2: Continue pressing next After waiting 5 seconds, note at this step you have to plug your USB into the computer.

how to diet virus in usb 11

Step 3: Here the system will find and remove viruses in the USB so you have to wait from 5 to 10 minutes.

how to diet virus in usb 12

Step 4: After the detector is out press Clean to conduct virus removal in USB.

how to diet virus in usb 13

In addition to the abridged interface, when users close it will appear the full interface of USB Drive Antivirus allowing users more features.
With the way to remove viruses in USB without using software and using anti-virus software here, hopes to help you update your knowledge on how to remove viruses, protect USB from viruses and also protect computers from the virus. Use really effective anti-virus software to Protect your computer from viruses But instead of relying solely on antivirus software, updating our knowledge of viruses is the best way to prevent them.


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