How to remove viruses with BKAV, using BKAV software

How to remove viruses with BKAV is not difficult, you can refer to the article below to be able to use the software more effectively. When using BKAV software, you can easily protect your data on secure computers and surf the web easily.

In the previous article we have shown you how remove malware with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on your computer, in this article we guide you How to remove virus by BKAV. To use BKAV antivirus software more effectively, today will send you the basic steps for you to use BKAV virus scan for your computer. Protect your computer system against viruses or malware better.

Kill viruses with BKAV, using BKAV software.

Instructions on how to use antivirus software bkav

Step 1: First, download Bkav to your computer and install: BKAV
After installation is complete you will see antivirus software bkav has interface as shown below.
To scan for viruses of the computer system you choose “To scan”

There will be different scan areas for you to choose such as: full scan, quick scan, select multiple drives to scan and scan according to the folder you choose or configure your computer scan like: chapter file Process, kill without asking or backing up before removal

how to use bkav mem diet virus

Step 2: Using bkav antivirus software is not too simple, you just need to select the scanning area you want and then select “To scan”

download bkav

Step 3: You can also set the scan mode to “Options”. Here you can click to enable absolute protection or use the advanced mode to control internet access.

how to use bkav mem diet virus

Step 4: And you can use the tab “Tools” to use additional features for the system such as: disable autorun, system cleanup, rootkit check, …..

diet virus bang bkav

So perfect how to use antivirus software bkav. You can choose many scan modes to suit your needs such as folder scanning, full scan, etc. BKAV is a Vietnamese product, it helps to protect the computer’s security. friend. To better protect your computer, you can use additional software such as Avira, Avast. These software all have free versions but the functionality is really useful and powerful, you can download Avira to protect my computer
If you do not want to continue using BKAV software, you can refer to the article uninstall bkav software off my computer


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