How to remove Windows Defender on win 8

How to remove Windows Defender on win 8

Many people when using Windows 8 have trouble when Windows Defender constantly informs about the security status of the system so to avoid this hassle many people think of turning off Windows Defender, but you can also remove Windows Defender on Windows 8 if not needed. So to know how to remove Windows Defender, please follow this article of!

Windows Defender is an anti-virus software that is built into Microsoft on Windows 8. Its advantages are light and well compatible with the tools in the system. The thing about security is that Windows Defender still has to learn Avast, Bit Defender, or Avira a lot. Refer to the method below to remove Windows Defender, the above antivirus software Win 8.

Instructions to remove Windows Defender on win 8

Download the installation Win 8

Step 1: First you need to disable Windows Defender first to avoid causing conflicts during the uninstall process. From the screen Start> All Apps> Windows Defender.

After Windows Defender is opened, switch to the tab Settings, move down the card Administrator then uncheck the Turn box on Windows Defender to disable.

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Step 2: Next you need to download the tool Windows Defender Uninstaller about computers.

Step 3: Open the Windows Defender Uninstaller tool and click the button Uninstall Windows Defender to remove.

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Besides disabling Windows Defender, you can also completely remove the antivirus software that Microsoft has built into Windows 8 through the steps below.

All the steps to remove Windows Defender antivirus software on Windows 8 are simply that. Once removed, you can try stronger antivirus software like Bit Defender, Avira, Avast, or Kaspersky. Please refer to top 10 antivirus software in 2015 be rated and choose for themselves the most appropriate software.


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