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How to remove WinRAR from the computer, delete WinRAR on the pc


WinRaR is a good decompression software, but sometimes the experience of this WinRaR software is too boring and you want to switch to try other software to compare their compression and decompression with each other, or you want to remove this software to make your computer work better, the article below will guide you on how to remove WinRaR on the computer most effectively.

As you know, WinRAR software is used by users to support file compression and file decompression on Windows. Rated as the leading file compression software today, file compression and decompression in WinRAR very quickly. However, if this software fails to use, or you want to use another decompression software, you can still remove WinRAR. Many people misunderstand that WinRAR does not show on Destop, it cannot be removed, but how to remove WinRAR from the computer is also very simple.

1. Method 1: Uninstall WinRaR from Control Panel
2. Method 2: Uninstall WinRaR from drive C

How to remove WinRAR from the computer, delete WinRAR on the pc

Method 1

Step 1: Press Start, or Windows key on the keyboard. Choose type search Control Panel.

go winrar

Step 2: Select the next section Programs.

go winrar

Step 3: Then you choose to enter Programs and Features. Here you select the software WinRAR and then press Uninstall, confirm deletion with Yes Please.

go winrar

Step 4: After this message, you just need to restart the computer to complete.

go winrar

Method 2

Step 1: Go to drive C, look for the WinRAR folder, usually by following path:

C: Program Files WinRAR

go winrar

Step 2: Then select the file Unistall and run the file. Press Yes to confirm removing WinRAR from the computer.

go winrar

Step 3: After removing WinRAR on your computer, you can reinstall or install other decompression software to aid in your work. Currently in terms of file compression and file decompression capabilities, WinRAR’s rival is 7-Zip. To know which software is better, you should read the article Compare WinRAR and 7-Zip to find the answer.

WinRAR is an important software to help you extract files on your computer. But you can also use other decompression software instead, and now you need to remove WinRAR from the computer to lighten the machine and reduce the overlap between the features of these two software.
On WinRAR software, when compressing files, you can also create passwords to protect your files. With the important files you need Set a password to compress the file on WinRAR so others cannot open the file. This is a must when uploading files to the Internet, Google Driver, or other download sites that you don’t want others to use.



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