How to replace SSD drive for laptop, how to upgrade SSD for laptop

Currently, the majority of desktop computers and laptops use SSD drives for the highest processing speed for all tasks. Therefore, many of you have the need to learn how to replace SSD drives, how to upgrade SSD drives for laptops.

To meet that need, in this article, will show you how to replace an SSD or upgrade an SSD for a laptop.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Remove the protective cover at the bottom of the laptop. When removing, pay attention to use a screwdriver with a screw head that corresponds to the laptop’s screw and remember to tighten it firmly to avoid damaging the screw. If the screw is ulcerated, it will be difficult to manipulate when removing it later. In addition, it should be noted that if the machine is still under warranty, you should not disassemble it yourself to replace the SSD or other components because it will void the warranty.

Step 2:

This is what an SSD looks like

After removing the lid, you need to locate the SSD. Usually SSDs will have a rectangular flat bar design like RAM. However, the connection pins of the SSD are located on a short edge, not on a long edge like RAM. Once located, you just need to remove the securing screw at one end of the SSD, then gently shake and pull the SSD out of the connector.

To remove the SSD, you need to remove this fixing screw first
To remove the SSD you need to remove this fixing screw first
Close-up of the SSD
Close-up of the SSD

Step 3:

After removing the old SSD, you just need to put the new SSD in the correct position of the connector and then push it in until the connector pins are exhausted. Finally, you screw in the fixing screws and you’re done.

Put the new SSD in place and then reattach the screws and you're done
Put the new SSD in place and then reattach the screws and you’re done

You can refer to the video below for details on how to replace an SSD for a laptop:

Thank you and wish you success!


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