How to replace the new Coc Coc wallpaper

You are too boring with the “white and blue” interface of Coc Coc. You want to change the new, more beautiful look for your browser. Please follow the article on how to change the new Coc Coc wallpaper, change the theme for Coc Coc of

TipsUsing Coc Coc – A super fast web browser of Vietnamese people

Cup Cup before is Rom + is a free web browser only for Vietnam market developed by Coc Coc Technology Co., Ltd. based on the open source Chromium – a popular, secure platform and used by many other web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera and more recently Edge Chrome. If you have updated the latest Coc Coc version, then how change Coc Coc wallpaper This new version is not difficult, even very simple.

Change the background image of the new Coc Coc browser

Instructions to replace the new Coc Coc wallpaper

– Download Coc Coc for Android here
– Download Coc Coc for iPhone here

To change the interface, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Coc Coc browser, click menu Cup Cup In the left corner of the toolbar, select Settings

how to change your coc coc wallpaper 2

Step 2: In the window Setting, you navigate to the item Frames -> click here, select the button Theme to access the online store of Cup Cup.

how to change your coc coc wallpaper 3

Step 3: A new window appears with lots of themes and wallpapers to choose from:

how to change your coc coc 4 wallpaper 4

After selecting a wallpaper like that, you click on the wallpaper you want to set Add to Coc Coc

how to change your coc coc wallpaper 5

Wait a moment, the interface will be downloaded and installed automatically. When the installation is successful, if you do not like the interface you just changed, you can click Undo and choose another more suitable theme or wallpaper.

how to change your coc coc wallpaper 6

As a result, you have changed the wallpaper Cup Cup New version succeeds.

how to change your coc coc wallpaper 7
Thus Taimienphi has guided you replace the new Coc Coc wallpaper success. The steps for you to follow are quite simple because you basically perform the same as on the Chrome browser. To know how change the Google Chrome wallpaperPlease refer to this article on to know how. Good luck!


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