How to reset BIOS settings to default

How to reset BIOS settings to default

If you are facing problems or errors related to the BIOS, you can apply the solution to reset the BIOS to the default if you do not know how to reset the BIOS settings to the default, read the reference. continue the article below to know how to do it.

If you have just purchased a new computer or laptop, have not installed any operating system, the device will still have BIOS installed by default. If you wish, you can still change or update the BIOS without installing the operating system, but note that not all changes work well with the operating system you will install.

Suppose if any error or problem occurs you can reset the BIOS to the default to correct the error. The following article will guide you how to reset the BIOS to default.

How to reset BIOS to default

Access the BIOS

To reset the BIOS to the default, the first step you need to do is to access the BIOS on your computer. If you do not have the operating system installed, accessing the BIOS will be much simpler, the device will boot straight into the setup menu, where you can select the option to access the BIOS.

If you already have an operating system installed, all you need to do is press the dedicated key to access the BIOS. Different computer models will have different BIOS access keys and keys. Readers can refer to the article into biosAccess BIOS computer, Laptop common Hp, Asus, Acer, Vaio, Dell, Lenovo … on to know how to access BIOS.

Reset BIOS to default

After accessing the BIOS, the remaining steps to reset the BIOS settings to default are fairly easy. Press the F9 key and on the screen will display a message asking if you want to access Load optimized defaults mode. Depending on the different computer models, the message may differ.

Use arrow keys to select Yes, then press Enter to accept.

How to reset device settings on Mac 2

Resetting the BIOS does not delete any of your data. If the operating system is installed, the data you store on the hard drive will remain intact after resetting the BIOS. However, it should be noted that some features may not work or work properly, such as Bluetooth.

It is best to check the hardware and software requirements for some features. If any of these features require BIOS activation / deactivation, you can set them up again so that they work properly.
The article above has just taught you how to reset the BIOS to the default. Resetting the BIOS is not a useful troubleshooting solution, but this solution may be useful for some situations that occur on the operating system. Also note that reset the BIOS is possible toggle UEFI Secure Boot on and off , depending on the default BIOS settings.


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