How to reset Windows 10 to its original state

How to reset Windows 10 to its original state

How to reset Windows 10 to its original state helps Windows 10 work as it was at the beginning, without making common errors, or being infected with viruses …. How to reset Windows 10 will be guided by below.

Right on its operating system, Windows 10 has provided features Reset Win 10. With this feature, you just need a few quick steps to bring the operating system to be used as new without having to install via disk, USB or reinstall the driver.

Benefits of resetting Windows 10 to its original state

As mentioned above, resetting Windows 10 helps the computer return to the original state as when we just installed Windows, all the software or applications you installed before will be lost and replaced by the system. Operating and applications are available.

Why reset Windows 10 to its original state?

There are many reasons why you must reset the computer to its original state instead of having to reinstall Windows such as:

– Computer error.
– Installing too many software makes the computer work slowly.
– Do not clean trash for a long time.
– Computers are infected with viruses, malicious code that corrupts system files.
– Do not remove all the tools or applications.
– The computer is infected with Adware and has many ads on when opening browsers.

Benefits of resetting Windows 10

– Easy to do, even if you do not have any knowledge of computers.
– There is not enough support tools such as USB rescue or Hiren’s BootCD.
– Few errors occur during recovery.

How to reset Windows 10 to its original state

Step 1: To reset Windows 10 you first click Start and choose Settings or press the key combination Windows + I to enter Setting app. Here you click to select Update & Sercurity.

Instructions to reset win 10, reset windows 10 to use smoother

Step 2: The list on the left, you press Recovery, in section Reset this PC, you press Get Started

how to reset windows 10 to initial page

Step 3: A new window appears. There will be 2 options: Keep my files and Remove everything

Keep my files: This option deletes all applications and software that you have installed on your computer but will retain the files in the user directory (that directory is located in the path of C Users username).

Remove everything: Selecting this means that you agree to the removal of all applications, software, cleaning of the Windows installation partition or the entire hard drive as new (select this option only if you want to reset Windows 10 returns to the original).

Depending on your needs, you can choose 1 of 2 options, here Taimienphi will give 2 cases for you to easily implement.

how to reset windows 10 to initial page

Case 1: Selection Keep my files, a popup window will appear, click Reset to start the Reset process on Windows 10.

Note: After pressing reset, the computer will reboot. You will not be able to return to the previous steps,

how to reset windows 10 to initial page

The computer restarts and begins the process of resetting Windows 10

Re-install Windows 10 to the original page

how to reset windows 10 to initial page

how to reset windows 10

After the reset process is successful, the device will automatically re-enter the operating system as the original.

Case 2: Selection Remove everything, to clean Windows and return the Windows operating system to a new state.

reset windows 10

Wait a moment for the system to start the process.

reset windows 10

The next interface you choose Only the drive where Windows is installed, meaning that the Windows 10 reset process will erase everything on the hard drive partition containing Windows 10 operating system All drives, because it will erase all other drives and it will be very difficult to recover data.

reset windows 10

A new window interface appears and there are 2 options for you:

Just remove my file: This option helps you erase quickly, meaning that after you delete it, you can still use data recovery software to recover it, similar to the Quick Format USB option.

Remove files and clean the drive: Wipe data and it is difficult to recover data, the downside of this option is that the deletion time will be quite long. This method is only useful in cases where after resetting the device you will sell or to someone else, but if you still use it, do not need to select this option for time-consuming.

reset windows 10

A message in the next window with the content as shown below, please click the button Reset to perform the process to restore the computer to a new state. Windows will reboot and take a certain amount of time depending on your computer configuration to reset the system.

reset windows 10

Computer after the reset process, you will need to perform a few steps to reset Windows 10 before using as with a new operating system

Steps to install after resetting Windows 10 are as follows:

Select language and time zone

how to reset windows 10 to initial page

This step you can skip and edit the time after installation is complete, how to adjust the time in win 10 or 24 hours in win 10 is quite simple, like the way it is done on other windows versions.

Click Accept to agree to the terms of use

how to reset windows 10 to initial page

Click Use Express Setting

how to reset windows 10 to initial page

Enter name User, then press next to complete

how to reset windows 10 to initial page

With just a few simple steps in Windows, you can return the operating system on your computer to the default state with the Reset Windows 10. feature. You can also refer to how to activate. 180 day copyright on Windows 10.

Resetting Windows 10 is not always as favorable as many think, there are people who have encountered a Windows 10 reset error, and had to reinstall Windows 10 when they could not find a fix, Taimienphi has summarized how to fix a non-reset error. Win 10 in the recent tips, if you are experiencing this case, please refer to the fix Windows 10 reset error here
There are many ways to install Windows 10 on a user’s computer, you can use a DVD, create a USB to install Windows 10 … and most of the time, readers often create usb install windows 10 to install, fix Windows 10 errors because USB is compact and very convenient.


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