How to reset Xerox printer, fix Xerox printer error cannot print

Xerox is not a famous printer like other brands but the errors it makes are equally famous. In which, there is a common problem that the printer is not able to and we have to perform a reset of Xerox printer if we want to use it again.

How to reset Xerox printer is the only choice for you in case the printer error flashes a yellow light and there is a problem with the cartridge. Also, how to reset Xerox printer is applied a lot with the xerox 3155, Xerox phaser 3160, Xerox WC 3220, Xerox Phaser 3140, Xerox WC 3210 and most of the errors are due to one cause.

Although Xerox printer product lines are not many, they are not popular and receive very little support. But if you are using this model, it is not necessary to worry as there are still instructions or remedies for this Xerox series and How to reset Xerox printer is one of the ways mentioned in this article.

How to reset Xerox printer, fix Xerox printer error cannot print

Xerox printer error recognition status.

– The printer notifies that the cartridge is not accepting, and the red or yellow light blinks continuously.
– Proceed with pouring new ink but the device still shows a red light and cannot print.

The cause of Xerox printer error

The main reason is because the memory chip on Xerox printers only counts about 2000 to 3000 copies, if beyond this number Xerox printers will hang and will not accept cartridges. Therefore, we need to use the way to reset Xerox printer. Actually the manufacturer requires us to replace the new chip set, but such replacement will be very costly and especially for units that have to print large quantities of prints daily. Because of this, a solution is to use the code to reset the Xerox printer.

How to reset Xerox printer

To be able to use the way to reset Xerox printer, you must know a little about the printer and used to use the printer because our operation is completely used on Xerox printers.

Step 1: First press the keys one by one as follows, first press Menu and # and enter the number 1934 then press again menu until the Tech Mode line appears as shown in the picture

how to reset xerox printer after xerox printer fails to print 2

Step 2: Then you press OK 2 consecutive times, and Press the key 7 times on the right until the “Clear Count “then click OK, got it and enter the password. The default password for these Xerox printers is 1934 .

how to reset xerox printer after xerox printer fails to print 3

After entering the password successfully, please press OK 2 times in a row .

Step 3: Here you are allowed to clear everything, all parameters and it is also how to Reset Xerox printer with every OK command, finally you Press the red key again Until the machine turns off, turning it back on will restart from the beginning.

How to reset xerox printer repaired xerox printer not printing 4

After restarting the printer, it will work normally again and you no longer hang. So, how to reset Xerox printer is done, it’s too simple, isn’t it.
Above has instructed you how to reset Xerox printer to apply to all current Xerox printer models, help reset the print counter to the original state. Save you a lot of money each time you reach the print limit and have to spend money to replace the chip. In addition to using printing with Xerox many of you also have to be really careful not that the printer will easily be listed as a printer error of paper jams, common errors but leaving a lot of consequences for computers.


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