How to resize PowerPoint images

If you’ve successfully inserted a photo in PowerPoint and are learning how to manually resize a PowerPoint image and then resize it automatically to save time when doing so, the content below is worth it. for your reference.

Surely for those who often use PowerPoint to create presentations or slideshows, the job Insert images into the slides are all basic and important actions to help make a presentation appealing and attract viewers. Job Resize photos in PowerPoint You can do it manually and also automatically adjust, so that the final goal is that the image you add will match the layout of the post, become beautiful and professional.

Resize images in PowerPoint

Instructions for resizing PowerPoint images

In this article, will use it PowerPoint 2016 to demonstrate how to resize images in Powerpoint.

1. Resize the Powerpoint image manually

Step 1: Before adjusting the image size, you need to insert the image into the presentation file.

To add images to Powerpoint, follow the instructions Insert pictures in PowerPoint here.

Step 2: At the application Powerpoint is open -> you click the image to resize.

How to use Powerpoint 2

Step 3: Click and hold on the small circle in the corner of the image -> You can optionally click on one of the 6 small circles as in the image below -> Then drag the mouse to enlarge or shrink the image size.

How to use Powerpoint 3

As a result, the image will be resized after you zoom in / out:

How to use Powerpoint 4

2. Fit the image to fit the slide content frame

Step 1: To fit the image to fit the slide content frame, you will use a number of frames available with many different types of arrangement to choose from. Click on the tab Insert -> select New Slide to choose a slide template from the list.

How to use Powerpoint 5

You will find there are many slide templates you can use for your presentation:

how to use powerpoint 6

Step 2: You choose the slide template, then you resize the content frame, reduce or increase the size of the frame appropriately. You click on the endpoints (small circles) in the frame to make adjustments.

how to use powerpoint 7

Step 3: Resizing is done -> click on the image icon (Pictures) as shown below -> Then select the image you want to insert into the content frame.

how to use powerpoint 8

You navigate to the folder containing the image to insert -> and then click Insert

how to use powerpoint 9

Immediately the image will be inserted, and the image is automatically resized to fit the content frame you just edited, and you will not have to resize the image, even if the image It is a large or small image size, and the quality of the image is not changed.

How to use Powerpoint 10

3. Resize multiple images automatically on the slide

Step 1: If your presentation file has multiple images and the images come in different sizes, you can also automatically adjust the entire size to the same size quite easily. You press Ctrl -> then click each image on the slide.

How to use PowerPoint Powerpoint 11

Step 2: Then you go to the tab Format -> navigate to the section Size

how to powerpoint 12 powerpoint

In section Size -> You re-enter the size you want to change for all the images in the slide. You enter the image height at item Cao and image width in the item Width.

how to powerpoint 13 powerpoint

When you are done editing, you will see that the image you have selected will change to the size you just entered above.

how to powerpoint 14 powerpoint

If you want to resize multiple images but don’t want the same size (resizing multiple images at the same time but with different sizes) -> then press Ctrl then click on each image to select -> Then you can zoom in, zoom out or shrink the size of the frame according to your liking very easily, and of course the size of these images will not be the same.

How to use PowerPoint Powerpoint 15

To Resize PowerPoint images then you can adjust it manually or customize it to adjust automatically according to the fairly detailed instructions just written above. Whether you adjust the manual or automatic, each has its own advantages, and will be suitable for each of your specific requirements when working on the PowerPoint application.
Alternatively, you can do the same to zoom in and out of the video on Powerpoint, Resize video in Powerpoint quite easily in the article of the same name that has shared. Good luck!


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