How to respond to candidates when receiving email records

Sending candidates’ responses when receiving email documents not only demonstrates the professionalism of the company, but also helps candidates feel more secure knowing that the employer has received their application email, the results, the schedule. advice. You can refer to how to email candidates for recruitment feedback below for a professional feedback mail form.

You do not know how to write candidate responses when receiving email documents to express professionalism, build a company image, so let us learn how to respond to candidates appropriately and professionally below. here.

How to respond to the email of the employer when receiving the candidate’s email.

1. How to respond to candidates when receiving email records

Besides calling feedback, you can write an email to respond to the candidate. Writing feedback emails for candidates does not need to be lengthy and complicated, but instead is a brief, simple presentation but still ensures enough in the letter, just a thank you when the candidate has applied and confirmed received. receive a letter of application from the candidate as well as a time for interview or notification of unsatisfactory documents, so that when the candidate receives it, he will know the information you want to convey. As such, feedback emails for candidates include:

– Letterhead
– Greeting
– Mail content
– Epilogue
– Thank you
– Signature

Note: You should write this response email in the candidate’s email reply section so that the candidate knows which employer you are.

2. Sample email feedback candidates when email records

When writing email feedback to candidates, you need to write clearly, first name should be capitalized, content down the line to distinguish each idea as well as check mail to see if there is a typo. Besides, depending on the title, working style, position of the candidate … you write different email content.

how to ask a member when you receive an email 2

Failure to reply to a candidate’s mail indicates that the company is unprofessional, does not respect the candidate when sending job application also does not create a good image of the business in the eyes of the candidate, so no matter how busy you should respond to the candidate email. Instead of writing emails, you can use autoresponder emails to save time and respond to candidates more easily.

There are many recruitment sites that share professional employers’ email responses like recruitment websites GoodCV. Not only do you find the candidate response form from the applicant response form in English, how to respond to a letter of acceptance, a letter to reject an unqualified candidate or a return letter form the results of the successful interview …. but you also easily CV templates on the page, job news, jobs … when on this recruitment page GoodCV. Therefore, if you are looking to write a feedback email or anything related to your work, you can refer to the GoodCV page.
As for the successful candidates, in addition to calling the announcement of that successful candidate, you need to write more admission notice to help the candidate confirm, understand the probationary salary, official salary, starting time, office address of the company more easily.


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