How to restart iPhone without power key phím

How to restart iPhone without power key phím

Using the power button to restart the iPhone seems to be the way most people apply. However, in case the power button is broken or you don’t want to use the power button for any reason, try immediately the tips to restart iPhone without the power button shared by in the following article.

It can be said that whenever an iPhone user encounters some error like network connection problem, app jerking, lagging, or software glitch, the most common and simplest way to fix those problems. is to restart the iPhone. But if unfortunately the power button or the physical Home button does not respond to your press, how to restart the iPhone without the power button?

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You should know that using the power button is not the only way to restart your iPhone or iPad. In this article, will share ways to restart iPhone without the power key that you may not know.

1. Start iPhone with AssistiveTouch.
2. Start iPhone by resetting network settings.
3. Start iPhone by using the device to full battery and plug in the charger.

1. Restart iPhone through AssistiveTouch

Assistive Touch aka the virtual Home button works as a great replacement for the physical Home button and power button on the iPhone. With the virtual Home button, you can quickly access a number of functions such as taking screenshots, locking the screen or calling Siri and including restarting the device. Follow these steps to restart your iPhone without the power button through Assistive Touch:

Step 1: To enter Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch and turn on AssistiveTouch.

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Step 2: Choose Customize Top Menu Level >touch plus symbol (+).

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Step 3: In the menu System (System), you choose Restart and press the button Done (Done) to add the iPhone restart function to the virtual Home button.


Step 4: To restart your iPhone, click virtual Home button and choose Restart. Press the button Restart again to confirm the action.

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2. Restart iPhone by resetting network settings

iPhone will restart any time you reset iOS and the lowest risk option is “Reset network settings”. Note that when resetting the network settings, the Wi-fi password and paired Bluetooth devices will be deleted. If you want to use this method, follow the steps below:

Step 1: To enter Settings > General, then swipe down to the bottom of the menu and select Reset (Reset).

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Step 2: Next, you click Reset Network Settings (Reset Network Settings).

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Step 3: Enter your passcode and select the option Reset Network Settings (Reset Network Settings). This will erase all network settings on your iPhone and reboot the device afterwards.

3. Restart iPhone using the device until it’s fully charged and plugged in

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Another method to restart iPhone without using the power button that wants to mention but does not recommend is to use until the device runs out of battery. After your iPhone shuts down, simply plug it in and the phone will restart. The disadvantage of this method is that it damages the battery when applied frequently. In addition, you also need to have enough patience and time to wait for the phone to shut down.
Thus, even without using the power button, we can still restart the iPhone in a few different ways. However, among the above 3 methods, using the virtual Home button is the safest way and recommends using this method.


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