How to retrieve a Teamviewer password, change a Teamview password

How to retrieve a Teamviewer password, change a Teamview password

Recovering the Teamviewer password, the remote control software will not be too difficult for you. The following guide will help you recover your TeamView Password when you forget your TeamViewer password. Please follow the steps in the procedure shared by Taimienphi below.

Why do we have to retrieve the password when forgot Teamviewer password? This feature is only useful for those who regularly use Teamview when we log in to Teamviewer and use our account to use more advanced features in Teamviewer.

Instructions to retrieve the Teamviewer password, change the Teamview password

Of course we can apply the way is to change the Teamviewer password, ie Change Teamviewer password in software and unused accounts. With this method, you can handle Teamview password forgotten quickly, but for those who still want to use the account, they need to retrieve the Teamviewer password and the following instructions will help you do that job.

How to get back when you forgot Teamviewer password.

Step 1: To retrieve it when we forget the password Teamviewer we click on the form Pictogram on Teamviewer software then select Forgot password.

Familiar with TeamViewer

Step 2: Next you enter the email address and then confirm Get Captcha code then click Change password.

  re-create teamviewer password

Step 3: Then you go to the email address to get the link Activate password to get it back when you forgot your Teamview password.

How to reset teamviewer password

Step 4: You are then redirected to a page Password reset, just enter your new password and re-enter it.

How to reinstall Teamviewer password

After the notice Your password was changed successfully ie, you have finished retrieving when you forgot Teamviewer password.

  re-create teamviewer password

Step 5: Now go back to Teamview software and proceed to login normally.

restart teamviewer

Surely now you can login to your account after regaining forgotten Teamviewer password.

Guide to teamview password
Above is instructions on how to recover a password when you forget the Teamview password. In fact, if you do not have too high demand for connection and security, it is best to use a normal connection and use Teamviewer’s password will be much simpler. With both methods above, it does not affect the ability to control computers remotely with Teamview where it is merely a security mode only, currently the ability to control computers remotely with Teamviewer is assessed It is very high and confidential, so readers should not be too worried and use unnecessary security measures.


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