How to retrieve wifi password, find wifi password saved on the Laptop

How to retrieve wifi password helps users find the wifi password saved on the Laptop to share with other laptops. If the wifi password found again is incorrect, you can reset, refer to how to change the wifi modem password to get a new password.

Every time you connect to wifi you will receive a password to access. It doesn’t matter if you remember the password, but forgetting the password is a hassle. Because if not technical, you will not know how to access the router to retrieve the password you set.

However, there is a way to retrieve wifi password right on Windows without having to install any software. Refer to the content below for how to do it.

How to retrieve wifi passwords saved on Laptop

Step 1: First visit Control Panel from the menu Start, then select Network and Internet.

Step 2: In step 2 you choose View network status and tasks.

re-install the wifi password manager

Step 3: Next select Manage Wireless Networks.

re-install wifi password

Step 4: Here access the currently accessed wifi network, then select Properties.

repeat wifi password, repeat wifi password password, reset wifi password

Switches to the tab Security, then check the box Show Characters to retrieve wifi password.

Those are all the steps to get back a simple wifi password. This method is done on a computer running Windows 7. For Win 8 or Win XP you also do the same. After getting the password, you can use your phone to enjoy the wifi connection. If you want to recover wifi password faster, please refer View wifi pass Win 7 8 XP saved on the fastest laptop.

In addition, during use, you should also refer to how to change the wifi password to change the wifi pass for your modem, which is also a way to secure data information more often for your own laptop and computer.. Or you can change the wifi name to not let others know it’s your wifi, also a good way to protect your home wifi.
If you’re using a Huawei VNPT modem, it’s easy rename wifi Huawei to change the name of my home wifi network when I broadcast it, otherwise, you can change the password of Huawei VNPT modem


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