How to run DMG files on Windows, open and view DMG files on your computer

DMG is a disk image file format commonly used on MAC OSX. However, on Windows operating systems that users often do not have any support for running DMG files, therefore, to run DMG files, you need to use third-party software such as 7 Zip or DMG Extrator to do this. this.

Here will list and guide how to use some of the most popular software today to help Windows users can easily use or interfere with DMG files without any obstacles. .

Method 1: Use 7-Zip to extract DMG files on Windows

7-Zip is one of the leading compression / decompression tools available today (similar to Winrar). And especially it’s completely free and compact!

Step 1: Download the 7-Zip tool installation here: Download 7Zip

Step 2: After installation is complete, we find the DMG file to read Right click choose 7-Zip ->Extract files …

Step 3: In the dialog box that appears, note how to choose the path for the extracted DMG file by clicking on the box then click OK, got it and wait a moment 7-Zip will discharge the file to the path you have selected

mo DMG file on Windows

Method 2: Use DMG Extrator

DMG Extractor is a fairly simple tool, only supports running and extracting DMG files on Windows operating system, so it is compact in size and easy to use interface.

Step 1: Download and install DMG Extractor here: DMG Extractor
Step 2: Open DMG Extractor, at the main interface of the tool, click the icon Open first on the top right corner of the tool

Run the DMG file on your computer

Step 3: In the dialog that appears, select the file in the DMG format to run, then click OK, got it as in the picture.

Run DMG file on laptop

Step 4: The main interface of the tool will display all the data in the DMG file so that we can read / run DMG format file directly.

View DMG file on computer
DMG Extractor also supports decompression so we can optionally manage the data contained in the DMG file by using the function. Extract after you’ve finished opening the file in Step 3 introduces you to 2 easiest tools to run DMG files on Windows. In addition, there are a number of other tools that can open dmg file, read or extract DMG format files on Windows such as PowerISO, UltraISO, HFSExplorer, … You can refer to our website for countless tips. , different utilities.


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