How to run WinRAR as Administrator

If you want to run WinRAR with the highest Administrator rights to use compression software, decompress the file effectively, the instructions in the following article will help you do this, running as an administrator user will have full use rights as : install or remove applications, delete data, manage users, settings …

Selection WinRAR is the right choice because this is one of the file compression software, file decompression ZIP, RAR is used by most people today, supports most basic and advanced formats rarely encountered today. WinRAR offers a high compression ratio, easy to use, and can compress multiple files at once very efficiently, especially when users Run WinRAR as Administrator then the compression and decompression performance is even higher.

Run WinRAR with Administrator rights on the computer

Instructions to run WinRAR as Administrator

To run the software WinRAR With administrator privileges, you can run admin rights every time you open the application or you can set up automatically admin rights so that the next time you open this application will automatically run as Administrator.

1. Open WinRAR as Administrator

Normally, when installing applications, users can choose whether to create software shortcuts on the desktop or not so that they can be opened quickly. Do measure when install WinRAR There will also be a software shortcut off the screen.

To run WinRAR with Administrator rights only once, you just need to right-click on the WinRAR icon or any other software you want to run with admin rights, then select Run as administrator is done.

how to run winrar with administrator 2

If you want WinRAR to always run as Administrator, follow the steps in Part 2 below.

2. Set the computer to always open WinRAR as Administrator

Step 1: Right-click on the WinRAR icon on the desktop -> select Properties

how to run winrar with administrator 3

Step 2: In the window WinRAR Properties you choose tab Shortcut -> select the item Advanced as described in the image below:

how to run winrar with administrator 4

Step 3: At the new interface window, you click on Run as Administrator -> then press OK, got it is success. Once set up like this, every time you open this application it will always run as Administrator.

how to run winrar with administrator 5
So you’ve just joined us in the operation Run WinRAR as Administrator manipulate only once each time running the software, and how to set up to run with admin rights at the next time users open, use, compress files with WinRAR. For other software or applications, if you need to set up to run with admin rights, you can do the same as you do with WinRAR in this article. Not always, the decompression file with WinRAR also goes smoothly, sometimes we will encounter difficult errors, please see how to error when unzipping the file with WinRAR and how to fix it here.


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