How to safely remove USB from computer

USB is a compact electronic device, used to store data. Therefore it can also be faulty or damaged if you do not know how to use it properly. Especially the operation of unplugging USB from the computer safely.

If your USB is reading / writing data in the computer that you accidentally removed it suddenly, it could cause your USB to fail, affecting the data contained in it. In the article below, will guide you on how to safely remove USB from your computer, along with track to know how to do this.

Instructions to safely remove the USB from the computer

Attention: If you are copying data from a USB to a computer or vice versa, just let it run first. Then exit all USB open windows and then proceed to withdraw.

Method 1: Step 1: Click on the USB icon in the lower right corner of the Desktop then right-click on the icon and select Eject Mass Storage Device to safely exit USB on the computer.

Step 2: A message will appear, saying that you can safely remove the USB now. Turn that notification off and unplug your USB drive from the computer.

Method 2: You go to Computer and right-click on the selected USB device Eject is to be. Then unplug the USB from the computer.

How to safely exit USB even when reporting an error

– If you have done 2 ways to exit USB as above, the message appears “This device is currently in use, …” as shown below.

– The solution now for you is to use the Unlocker software to exit USB quickly and easily. Just right-click on the USB drive and select Unlocker, then delete all running processes and select Quit.

You can download the latest version of Unlocker here.
In the framework of the above article, we have instructed you how to safely remove the USB from the computer, so that you can perform the USB escape operation on the computer properly to protect the USB from damage or loss of data if it is suddenly withdrawn, … Also in the process of using USB you should prepare yourself a tool to protect USB from Virus, protect the data is most safe with USB protection software Available in


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