How to Save Adorable Home data, save the game, Backup the played file

With the tips of Save Adorable Home data, you can freely experience the game without having to worry about anything, including being unwelcome guests carrying some items, calving some cats. can also get back simple.

Cat breeding game Adorable Home no account login mechanism, save game data like other games. So Taimienphi will guide you how to read Save Adorable Home data With just a few simple steps, avoid losing or game error.

How to create a Backup file, save the Adorable Home data played

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Guide to Save data, create Backup files, save Adorable Home game data

The game has released the latest version to fix laggy lag error, when playing, you proceed to update the latest version according to the link.

– Download Adorable Home for Android
– Download Adorable Home for iPhone
– Download Adorable Home apk

Step 1: First you need to go to the section Data Management on the phone => Internal memory => select a folder Android => com.hyperbeard.adorablehome => Files => proceed to copy 5 file extension TXT as shown below.

How to save the Adorable Home game

Step 2: After successfully copying 5 TXT files, return to the section Data Management => select Internal memory, memory Stick SD (if any) or save the file online: => Click the icon 3 dots right corner => Create folder.

How to Backup Adorable Home files played

Step 3: Name the folder to copy the file Save Adorable Home data =>Create and access the directory you just initialized successfully.

How to save Adorable Home game data

Step 4: Click Copy Click here to proceed to Save Adorable Home Data, now you can comfortably experience without fear of game errors, data lost when upgrading or other errors.

Backup file adorable home da choi

If you want to use the Adorable Home Data Save file, restore all the content you have previously saved. Please copy the whole 5 TXT files in the folder created at Step 3 => Overwrite or replace Android => com.hyperbeard.adorablehome => Files.

Save the adorable home game played

With just a few simple steps, readers can proceed to Save, save Adorable Home data anytime, any time you want. You will not have to worry that what you have built up disappears with just a small error or upgrade the faulty game version. Please refer to some play tips earn more hearts Adorable Home here.


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