How to save Facebook password on Coc Coc

How to back up Facebook passwords on Coc Coc has some differences compared to other browser tools, in this article let’s go to learn the password backup feature on Coc Coc to be able to access Facebook quickly, save time and effort.

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For many users who regularly log in with Facebook on their browser, having to log in to their account every day is a time-consuming task. However, you can completely shorten and optimize this process quickly by using the password backup feature in the browser.

Instructions to backup Facebook password on Coc Coc

To backup Facebook password on Chrome, Firefox, …. Taimienphi has implemented the instructions in the previous posts. There is a way Save your Facebook password on Coc Coc Which steps we need to take, let’s find out in the content below.

Instructions to backup Facebook password on Coc Coc

First, you need to make sure you have installed and used the latest version of Coc Coc browser. If you do not know if you are using old or new Coc Coc, please refer to the tips Check the Coc Coc version Here or download the latest Coc Coc browser in the link below.
– Download the Cốc Cốc browser here: Download Coc Coc

Step 1: Open Coc Coc browser on the computer. Next, click Setting There is a gear icon on the toolbar on the right of the screen.

how to save facebook password on coc 2

Step 2: In the window Setting , click AutoFill in the function list, then select password .

how to save facebook password on coc 3

Step 3: In the window password just expanded, drag the slider to the right in the Proposal to save passwords to activate.

how to remove facebook password on coc coc 5

Step 4: You access the Facebook page by following the link Here.
Step 5: Enter the information account and password , then press the button Log in to go to the Facebook page like normal.

how to login facebook on coc coc 6

Step 6: You press the feature Save your password There is a key picture in the address bar. A confirmation dialog appears, click Save .

how to save facebook password on coc 7

From now on, the Coc Coc web browser will remember or fill in your Facebook account and password instead, just press Log in is done.
So you and Taimienphi have completed 6 steps together Save your Facebook password on Coc Coc . Hopefully, with the small tip that Taimienphi has just shared, you can quickly log in to Facebook, saving time and effort when accessing. You refer to the way Backup passwords on Coc Coc to apply for other social networking accounts.


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