How to save photos on the web to Android phones, Windows Phone

Want to save web photos to your mobile phone but forgot or didn’t know how to save it !? It’s okay, let’s find out, especially on holidays like valentine, international women, birthdays

Sometimes you want to change the wallpaper for your computer or see a nice picture that wants to be the wallpaper for your phone, you do not know how to save them and reset the wallpaper for your phone mobile, mobile. The operation is simple with the steps below:

– How to save photos on the web to mobile phones, Mobile

Step 1: Select the image you want to be a wallpaper for your mobile phone here: 8/3 wallpaper
Step 2: Press and hold on the image you want to download to your phone, wait about 3 seconds (applies to all touch phones)
Step 3: A notice to save the image appears
+ Select Save a photo (or Save Image) to save the image to your phone

+ Where to save downloaded images: Many of you, after downloading images from the web to your phone, do not know where the photos are stored. The downloaded image is saved in the Download section in the Gallery widget of your phone.

Step 4: After accessing this image, open the image you want to be a wallpaper

Step 5: Click the option key (usually located on the left, next to the Home key)

Step 6: Choose Selected as

Step 7: A window appears, you choose Screen saver

Step 8: A custom frame appears that allows you to customize the image to suit your screen or preferences by dragging the edges of the shapes as arrows.

Step 9: Choose Completed

Finally, go to Android phone screen to experience the result

Wallpaper of the screen before changing

Wallpaper of the screen after changing
Above we have shown you how to save photos on Android phones, Windows Phone with just a few simple steps. So you can take any image on the web as a wallpaper for your phone.


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