How to schedule sleep computers Win 10, 7

There are many great tips, useful for user computers and how to schedule sleep for your computer is also one of the tips would recommend to you. There are many ways to schedule your computer to sleep and if you are looking for one of them, the following guide will be for you. always wants readers to update more interesting and useful tips when using a computer. We always start from the simplest ones and with a computer sleep timer will be a tip that we can easily get used to as well as easily do it after just a few taps. Specifically how to schedule the computer sleep, let’s do it with below.

Sleep timer computer

How to schedule computer sleep

Step 1: To be able to schedule the computer to sleep easily here uses a small software called Sleep Timer, download Sleep TimerGo to your computer here first.

Step 2: Sleep Timer tool allows us to sleep the computer and its usage is simple, download and open Sleep Timer directly without having to install. And when opened, this is the interface of Sleep Timer and we can get acquainted and use immediately.

how to sleep a computer 2

Step 3: First, let’s pay attention to the three modes of Sleep Timer: Countdown, Inactivity and Time.

how to sleep a computer 3

Countdown: Time will count down when Sleep Timer is activated.

Inactivity: Time is not active until after the Sleep Timer is activated.

Time: Select a fixed time of the day after activating the Sleep Timer.

And by our side is the action taken after satisfying the Mode condition including Hybernate (almost like sleep), Restart and Shutdown.

Hybernate: Hibernation is similar to Sleep, if you do not have Sleep, choose Hybernate.

Restart: Computer restart mode.

Shutdown: Computer off mode.

how to sleep a computer 4

Step 4: To schedule the computer to sleep we need to select Mode Time and Action is Hybernate and click Start to start.

Note: If you want to stop the Sleep Timer, press STOP and turn it off, then press the X button, if you press the shutdown button your computer will shut down immediately.

how to sleep a computer 5

In addition to how to schedule computer sleep with the Sleep Timer, we can apply a fairly good way again or again available on the computer that is using the tools available in the computer by clicking Start, type Sleep Settings and access the link. display results.

how to sleep a computer 6

In the Power & sleep section, we only need to choose the time the computer sleeps after not using the computer for how long, this way is quite similar to the Inactivity mode of the Sleep Timer.

how to sleep a computer 7

The above are basic tips on computers that help users quickly schedule a computer sleep. Perhaps this is still not the most perfect way and will continue researching and sending readers the fastest.

If you’re researching a sleep timer, what about the shutdown timer, do you know about this problem. If not, try to find out because the way to shutdown the computer is so much easier and often used.
You are tired of each time you turn off your computer to wait too long, right, so how to turn off the computer quickly with commands or software. This issue has researched and if interested readers can refer to the turn off the computer quickly here.


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