How to search on youtube without pausing the video that is currently playing

Users often experience that the streaming video is stopped when searching on YouTube, which is a difficult problem that so far Youtube has not solved this problem neatly, fortunately, a special extension on Chrome Web. Store will help you solve the problem.

YouTube is a leading but annoying video broadcast service, especially when users want to search YouTube videos, watch and download videos from YouTube, but the YouTube interface suddenly changes to a new interface that makes the video in progress. lost play. This situation occurs not only with YouTube on computers, but also on YouTube for iPhone or YouTube for Android.

To fix the situation where the currently playing video is stopped when searching, you can refer to a support extension on Chrome called QueueTube.

How to search on youtube without stopping the video

To be able to fix the error when searching on YouTube makes the video being stopped, just download the extension QueueTube on Chrome web browser.

Instead of appearing for video results in a new tab and turning off the currently playing video, the search results will be displayed on the right, where videos related to the video are currently playing. If you like the videos, you can easily arrange them in a play order on YouTube.

You click on the red button Add to playlist and the extension will automatically add that video to your playlist, you can check them at the top of the sidebar.

To install this extension in Chrome, follow these steps.

Step 1: Visit the menu bar in the top right corner of Chrome, select More Tools >Extension.

Step 2: In the management interface Extension, click Get more extension to open Chrome Web App. Search for an application QueueTube in the search box.

I found it on YouTube and didn't know the video was playing

Step 3: Click on the item Add to Chrome. Then click confirm to download the QueueTube extension on Chrome.

The way to search on youtube is not possible with the video being developed

Type search to find extension QueueTube for YouTube on Chrome Web Store.

The guide to finding videos on YouTube is not content

Click Add extension to confirm the extension installation QueueTube for YouTube on Chrome.

How to search YouTube without using any videos

After installation is complete, open any video and press a key combination Ctrl + Enter to start searching. (Enter key is in the middle of the mechanical keyboard, other than the key Enter small in the keyboard corner).

I found it on YouTube without breaking the video

Especially if users stop the video, QueueTube will help display all the search results. Unfortunately, on YouTube for Android or YouTube for iPhone, users still don’t have a way to use this feature.

As is known, YouTube is a leading entertainment video service in the world, users often visit YouTube to watch videos, Download videos from YouTube or even download music from YouTube without the need for software support, the feature of downloading music from YouTube without the software is actually the use of web services that support separating music from YouTube, so you can get music, mp3 files from YouTube videos.
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