How to see the version of WinRAR in use

Refer to the manual to see the version of WinRAR being used on the computer to help you download WinRAR and capture the software version is used, which version is 32 bit or 64 bit and know other information about time of use, software provided by any unit.

WinRAR is the most widely used and trusted file compression and decompression application. Using this software, you can compress files by WinRAR, extract files at high speed, and the ability to batch compress very quickly saves time. Currently WinRAR constantly has new versions for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows computers, MAC or Linux. In addition, WinRAR also has a dedicated version for mobile devices, which is very convenient for today’s increasingly demanding user needs.

Check the version of WinRAR in use

– Download WinRAR 32 bit for the computer here.
– Download WinRAR 64 bit for the computer here.
– Download WinRAR for Android here.
– Download WinRAR for Mac here.
– Download WinRAR for Linux here.

With each release of WinRAR, users will experience the new features and interface that the software brings. To see the version of WinRAR in use, will show you the simplest way to view when WinRAR is installed on a Windows computer.

Instructions to see the version of WinRAR in use

After install WinRAR If successful, there will be a WinRAR shortcut interface on the desktop, you can open this application just off the screen or perform a WinRAR version check when opening the compressed file.

Step 1: Open WinRAR off the desktop by double-clicking the WinRAR shortcut icon.

how to see the winrar version you are using

Or you can open WinRAR by double clicking on any zip file (compressed file format is zip, rar, 7zip)

See the winrar version to use it

Step 2: The WinRAR interface after opening with the WinRAR shortcut icon on the desktop will display as in the image below.

how to see the winrar version you are using

And here is the interface when opening any compressed file with WinRAR. With this open, you will see a few more tools are displayed additionally like VirusScan, Comment, Protect, SFX …

  See the version of WinRAR that is currently used

Step 3: To view the version of WinRAR that you are using on your computer, click Help -> select About WinRAR

Check your version of WinRAR is using

As a result, information about the WinRAR version will be displayed as in the image below. You will see what version of WinRAR you are currently using, that version is official or beta version, that version is 32 bit or 64 bit. Alternatively, you can click License to view the information using copyright WinRAR.

See the winrar version

If you need to use copyright WinRAR, you will click on Purchasing infomation To view, order and pay.

check your version of winrar is using

So you have just checked with See the WinRAR version How is the information being used? As the picture above, the WinRAR we use is the WinRAR 5.71 beta version, this 32-bit version installs on 32-bit Windows and 64-bit computers.
With quite the ability to compress, decompress files and many other useful features, and the application is constantly improved and optimized in functionality, so WinRAR deserves the necessary tool, should be used for any computer Come on now.


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