How to send a silent message on Messenger, without notifications

In addition to allowing users to temporarily turn off notifications for all chats, recently Messenger also allows users to send silent messages, without showing notifications to the sender, detailing how to send silent messages on Messenger. will be shared below.

Like most other chat applications, when there is a new message from any individual/group, Messenger will show you a message on the screen. However, with the option send silent messages on messenger, you can send a message to the recipient without displaying the message. Only when the recipient accesses the Messenger application can this message be seen and read.

How to send silent messages, send Messenger messages without notification.

How to send silent messages on Messenger

Step 1: Open the Messenger mobile app and sign in to your Messenger account.

In addition, you can also download and install the latest version of Messenger here.
– Load Messenger for Android
– Load Messenger for iPhone

Step 2: At the main screen of Messenger, click on any two-person or group conversation

Step 3: In the interface to send a message in a conversation, type @ and select Silent (send a message without notification) above.

How to send instant messages without notice on Messenger

Step 4: At this point, the message editing frame on Messenger will appear in the format containing @immediately at the top. You keep this format, compose a message and press send. By default, your outgoing message will be a silent message and Messenger will not display a notification to the recipient.

Messenger messenger does not show up

Above are details on how to send silent messages on Messenger, how to send messages on Messenger without displaying notifications, helping you to send private messages while not disturbing the recipients of the messages in the most time. determined.
Along with the feature of sending messages without notifications, Messenger also provides many cute icons and stickers, bringing new messaging and calling experiences to users. With the theme of Christmas, New Year, Messenger provides many filters, themes with beautiful effects. If you do not know how to change, use these topics, articles How to install Happy New Year theme on Messenger will help you find the answer.

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