How to send bulk messages on Facebook

How to send bulk messages on Facebook

The ability to send mass messages on Facebook with is one of the simplest and most effective methods today to help the people who manage Fanpage or online business on Facebook to easily message many users. In the list at the same time, customer care, more professional users.

To use send mass messages, take care of customers on Facebook, you first need to log in, link your Fanpage with this tool. If you do not know how to do it, you should find out the article How to register to use that Taimienphi has done before.

Send bulk messages on Facebook with

If you already have a account already, log in to and follow the instructions Send bulk messages on Facebook Follow the content below.

Send bulk messages on Facebook with

Step 1: In the interface of, click on the item Bulk messaging on the toolbar.
Step 2: In the working window of Bulk messaging , you press the button Create a new campaign .

how to send message on facebook 2

Step 3: At the screen Create a new campaign , you will have a variety of information fields and settings options to suit your needs.
– Name of the campaign : Name the campaign to send messages for later management and tracking.
– Campaign type: Categorize the campaign according to the purpose you want to perform.
+ Advertising
+ Customer care message (Customer care)
+ Send (Broadcast) to all customers who have Inbox

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Notification: Set the notification mode of the system when customers respond to messages.
+ Sound + Vibration
+ Notifications on the screen
+ No notification

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Step 4: Next, in the section Customers receive messages, you will set up the object to receive messages. Here, you will have 2 information boxes.
By label: Send messages to all users tagged with the same label.
According to the conversation card : Send a message to all users with 1 tag attached.

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Step 5: At the section content On the right of the screen, you first need to set the time to send the message.
Today : Send a message at a specific time of the day.
Send according to the schedule : Send a message at a specific time in the future.
In addition, you can also use additional features Exclude customers in the campaign already sent before. Next, click Calendar tool Select specific future time and press Apply .

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Finally, enter the text of the message you want to send to users and customers. also provides users with additional options:
Insert image into content : Add images to messages.
Insert {first_name} {last_name}: The system automatically takes the user’s Facebook name to insert into the message content.
After entering the content, click the button Update Let the system automatically do the next job.

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So Taimienphi has you to learn about how Send bulk messages on Facebook and related options by software. Hope that with this sharing will be helpful, help you take care of customers and users on Fanpage more effectively.


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