How to send goods by post

How to send goods by post

Refer to the ways of sending products via VNPost post of, readers will know the sequence of steps to take to successfully send their parcels. A few things to note about how to pack, how to charge, how to look up orders, how to collect money at the Vietnam Post system are also fully summarized in this article.

Following the article series on how to send goods via shipping units, today, will share for you how to send goods via post office. VNPost. Knowing and understanding the rules on how to pack goods, how to send goods, how to receive money on collection, …, at Vietnam Post Office, readers will be more proactive in sending goods as well as solving the Problems arise with this shipping unit.

How to send and receive money by post, instructions on how to send goods to Vietnam Post (VNPost)

How to send goods by post

1. Should we send the goods by post?

Vietnam Post Corporation (VNPost) is a state-invested company under Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications. With a large network of post offices, covering all 63 provinces and cities, a strict transport process, when sending goods through the Vietnam Post system, you can get the following benefits:

Transfer fee and charge are low: Under the protection of the state, VNPost’s transport fee and collection fee are considered to be much lower than competitors such as ViettelPost, Fast delivery, Saving delivery, …

High reputation: With a professional working process, close inspection of goods from packaging, sorting, delivery, …, you will feel quite assured when sending goods at Vietnam Post Office. In particular, for high-value goods, to avoid lost goods, stolen goods, …, it is best to send them by post.

– Better when ship province: As mentioned above, Vietnam post office has a nationwide network of post offices. With orders in the province, island district, remote areas, you can still ship goods by post.

2. Forms of postal delivery

Currently, with the field of goods delivery, Vietnam Post Office is providing 3 popular forms of transportation. As follows:

Express delivery speed: Goods will be shipped express to the recipient in a period of 1-2 days.

Express delivery: Goods will be shipped quickly by air, shipping time from 1-3 days depending on the region.

Normal delivery: is the service of transporting goods from consignor to domestic and international receivers. Typically, the shipping time lasts from 7-9 days depending on the region.

In addition to the above delivery services, the Vietnam Post Office also provides forms “Ship and collect money (Ship Code)“With this way of mailing, you will have to pay the postage fee and collect the money at the post office counter after shipping. Application has been shipped, collecting money successfully.

3. How much is mailed by 1kg?

Like other shipping units, VNPost also relies on the weight and size of the goods to calculate shipping costs. Expedited shipping often costs twice as much as regular shipping. For large sized goods, VNPost will convert the size into weight and add to the shipping cost.

how to send to restaurant 2

Price list sent by mail courier service

how to send to restaurant 3

Price list mailed by regular delivery service (guaranteed delivery)

Note: If you send Shipcode by mail, you will have to pay an additional fee of VND 15,000 / order with a value of less than VND 350,000 and VND 18,000 for orders with a value greater than VND 350,000.

4. How to send goods by post?

4.1. Preparing goods

– You prepare goods, containers, styrofoam wrapped to cover perishable items containing water or fragile such as glass, plastic, …, and then proceed to pack goods in the usual way. Note: For fragile and easily damaged goods, use tape to seal the mouth of the bottle / jar and use foam to wrap 2-3 layers around the goods, insert fixed foam and then put in the container. and packing

– Detailed information of the sender, the recipient, the type of goods, the amount of money collected (if any) should be blank, stuck on the outer box.

Note: You should choose a rectangular piece of paper with a medium size, write information in the left and right margins and reveal the central space for the post office to stamp, write the waybill code.

Like other shipping units, VNPost also has regulations on the types of goods accepted by law. For details of this policy, please refer to the back of the shipping slip or call VNPost switchboard (1900545481) for a detailed answer.

4.2. Search for shipping post offices

To save time on shipping, you should search for the nearest post office location through Google. Another way you can Click on this link , enter your province / city, county of residence, press search will find a list of post offices around you.

how to send to restaurant 4

Instructions on how to find the nearest post office on

4.3. Procedures for shipping at the post office

After finding the nearest post office location, please bring the goods you need to send to the post office and exchange, say the request to send the goods to the post office staff. With the information requested from you, the post office staff will check the goods, how to pack and guide you how to write the delivery slip to suit your needs (The postal delivery form is divided into 2 types. : regular delivery slip (yellow slip) and express delivery slip (white slip)).

After recording the sender, receiver, contact phone number, type of goods, you return the ticket to the post office staff to check the information, calculate the price.

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Pictures of consignment notes collecting delayed delivery money from Vietnam Post

Another difference of VNPost compared to other shipping units is that you have to pay 100% of the shipping fee + collection fee (if any) in advance. After payment of shipping charges, you will be kept a copy of shipping information for collation and collection of this ship.

In general, the way of sending goods by post office to collect money (Ship code by mail) at the post office is quite simple. If you do not understand how to send items by mail, how to write votes, … you can ask the post office staff, they will guide you step by step.

5. How to look up the shipping itinerary of the order

After you have sent a postage at the VNPost post office, to track the movement of goods, to prevent loss, you can check in the following ways:

Method 1: Call VNPost call center (1900545481), read the bill of lading code (the code written in the right corner of the shipping slip) and ask the operator to support the cargo journey lookup.

Method 2: Bring the delivery slip to the post office by tracking the movement of goods.

Method 3: Check directly on the website VNPost.VN

Step 1: Go to the computer browser, phone, visit the website VNPost.VN

Step 2: Click on the “look up – vPoop “in the upper manu

Step 3: In the postal address box, enter the bill of lading code, press “search

how to order goods via email 6

Step 4: The system returns the parcel’s journey and the status of delivery (successful / not delivered / unsuccessful)

how to order goods via 7 points

Image depicting the process of searching cargo code of VNPost

To easily create orders, manage orders, look up bills of lading on the phone, you can download the application VNPost For Android phones, IOS Here

– Download VNPost for Android
– Download VNPost for iPhone

6. How to get Ship Code money from the post office

If you only order as usual (no collection), you will not need to care about this step. And if you use the mail delivery service (COD), in order to receive the money, you need to remember some of the following information:

– Collected money will be paid when the post office has delivered and successfully collected the goods and money entered the system (Before coming to collect money, you should check the delivery status according to the instructions in section 5).
– The post office only pays your collection when you have a copy of the delivery slip and ID card
– Collected money will be paid at VNPost counters and post office system at office hours from Monday to Friday

7. Frequently asked questions when shipping by mail

7.1. Working time of the post office

Normally, the post offices will work from Monday to Saturday, morning from 8h-12h, afternoon from 13h30-1730, Sunday holidays and public holidays according to state regulations. However, due to the large demand of customers, level 1 and level 2 post offices in big cities often work later and may last until 19:00 PM.

7.2. How long will it take to receive the postage?
Depending on the shipping method you choose, the shipping time will be different: Express delivery time is about 1-2 days, fast delivery time is about 1-3 days and 7-9 days for normal delivery.

7.3. Does sending by mail need ID?

Mailing via VNPost does not need ID card. However, if you use VNPost’s shipping and collection, when receiving the money, you need to show your ID card to record the information on the receipt.
Above, has shared with readers how to send goods via the mail as well as how to look up the order journey, a few frequently asked questions when sending goods via VNPost post. Hopefully the content in this article will help you understand the shipping process of VNPost to analyze and choose the best shipping unit for you.


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