How to send mail, compose email with Gmail

How to send mail, compose email with Gmail

Google’s Gmail service is appreciated by many users when it is easy to send email to friends or exchange business with a safe, fast and friendly interface, easy to get used to, if you are a human new user, the following article will guide in detail how to send mail, compose email with Gmail properly, most effectively.

In order for others to receive your email, you definitely need compose mail and send mail It’s already in that person’s inbox, so where do we start? Subscribe to the content below, guys!

Instructions on how to send and compose email using Google Gmail

How to send mail, compose email with Gmail on computers, laptops

Tips If you do not have a Gmail account, please refer to how Create a Gmail account here.

Step 1: First you need to login to your Gmail via htpp: // Here you need to enter your password and username before clicking Sign in / Sign in.

How to send mail on Gmail

Step 2: To start sending email, compose email with Gmail, click the button Compose / Compose red left corner of the screen.

send email address with gmail

Step 3: When sending emails, composing emails with Gmail, you need to pay attention to a few things as follows.
– To / To: You need to enter the recipient email address here.
– Subject / Title: Subject for the email.
– Content: Is the area for you to compose email.

to gmail mail address,

After composing the email, click the button Send / Send to send my email.

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Download Gmail for Mobile devices

* Download gmail for iPhone phones: Gmail for iPhone
* Download Gmail for Android phones: Gmail for Android
So just introduced you how to send email, compose email with Gmail. This is very simple operation when using Gmail, so you should be sure to understand the content of this article before exploring other content, please refer to the email sent on Gmail for more details.


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