How to send silent messenger messages without notification

A lot of Messenger users have recently discovered the feature send silent messenger messages, no notifications, the other party must open Messenger to know that they have received the message. Accordingly, when you send a Messenger message with the @ silent syntax, the message will be sent without the other party knowing that you have a new message. This is a hidden feature and is available in Messenger, completely different from having to hide Messenger notifications in the settings on your phone and in the Messenger app. Currently, the @silent Messenger message feature applies to Messenger groups and 2-person Messenger messages. The following article will guide you to send Messenger silent messages.

Instructions for sending silent Messenger messages

This silent Messenger messaging feature has not been updated for all accounts. If your Messenger account does not have it, please update to the new version, or wait in the near future.

Step 1:

You open the Messenger application then click on the conversation you want to send a silent message to.

Step 2:

In the message box you enter the syntax @silent and then you will see the Silent option displayed in the messaging frame as shown below.

Step 3:

Then you enter the text of the message behind @silent and send Message as usual. The result of the Messenger message was sent without any notification.

Send silent messenger messages

The recipient of the message will not see the Messenger message message displayed on the screen, but only Show the number of new messages at the Messenger icon As shown below, if there is a setting to show new messages at the Messenger icon, otherwise it will not know.

Show the number of new Messenger messages

Then they have to access the Messenger application to know what the new message is to read the message.

View silent Messenger messages


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