How to SEO Facebook when selling Online

Have you ever heard of the concept of SEO SEO? This is the application of basic SEO techniques to your Facebook sales page to increase its engagement – both on Facebook and search engines, the following article will introduce you to some effective methods. to optimize Facebook SEO when selling online.

Influencer marketing is becoming one of the most popular marketing methods today and none of us can deny its effectiveness. But besides that, Facebook SEO is also bringing certain effects, according to the experience of the users of Facebook Fanpage management software. if not the great influence when selling online. When optimizing for effective Facebook SEO, your Google rank will also be higher and attract more customers. In the following article, we will discuss the important aspects and ways to optimize Facebook SEO when selling Online.

Instructions on how to SEO Facebook when selling Online

Table of Contents:
1. Optimize Facebook content.
2. Optimize the URL.
3. Optimize company profile.
4. Optimize Facebook Notes.
5. Insert backlink to fanpage.
6. Post new and interesting content.
7. Choose when to post.
8. Optimize featured images.
9. Customer assessment management.
10. Insert the Call-to-Action button (CTA).

1. Optimize Facebook content

When Facebook content is optimized, users will easily access your Facebook page when searching by keyword on Google. Links and posts that post publicly contain keywords that will show up in the search results list.

2. Optimize the URL

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You need to have a custom URL by your brand or company name. This not only helps identify brand names but also helps users remember your page more easily. If you do not create a custom URL, Facebook will automatically create a very long and extremely difficult URL to remember. To optimize the URL, go to the section About (introduction) =>Page Info (page information) =>Create Page @username (create page name).

3. Optimize company profile

When optimizing Facebook SEO, not only the brand name but the company profile is also essential for the growth of Facebook Fanpage. When filling in information including phone number, business address, year of establishment, … Google will appreciate your page reputation; As a result, Facebook SEO will generally improve.

4. Optimize Facebook Notes

Facebook Notes was created to notify your page followers of important news, discounts, upcoming events, etc. You can insert important keywords into Facebook Notes to improve your Fanpage rankings on Google and Bing. After that, if users comment on your Notes, your rankings will also increase. In particular, if the comment also contains keywords, the value of Notes is even higher.

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SEO Facebook also requires inbound links, to improve the accuracy and reliability of your site. Therefore, look for opportunities to insert backlinks to fanpage from channels such as blogs, websites, Twitter, …

6. Post new and interesting content

High quality content, completely new, and keyword optimized is a very important part of any website and fanpage. Unique content will help increase Fanpage rankings significantly. You can use influencer marketing, guest post, product review, and other marketing strategies.

7. Choose when to post

Timing is also important. You need to determine this based on your customers’ habits and update it regularly. If you post at a time when many Facebook users, the post will reach more people and get more interaction. On the contrary, it will drift if you post at a time when there are few users.

8. Optimize featured images

For effective Facebook SEO, you need to customize your page by adding avatar / profile features and taking advantage of all the featured image categories. Besides images, you can also insert videos or slideshows in the image / banner section. Images that infringe copyright in this section will be considered violations of Facebook’s terms.

9. Customer assessment management

Customer reaction and interaction is the most important thing that makes a business successful on social media. It poses a good need for managing comments, reviews, advertisements, and posts. You have the right to display or hide reviews from customers. Make sure you respond to all customer reviews, including negative ones. This will help enhance the reputation of your business when selling online.

10. Insert the Call-to-Action button (CTA)

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SEO Facebook will not bring good results if the content is not shared regularly. Along with that, inserting CTA button on article or product page will also bring positive effect. A good CTA must be suitable for the purpose of the article, such as calling for like, sharing, commenting, buying, etc. SEO Facebook will not be complete if ignoring CTA.
With the information shared above, you must have had the concept of what is SEO Facebook and effective ways to sell Facebook SEO online. Obviously, getting high rankings on the search rankings is not too difficult if you follow Facebook’s rules and implement the above SEO strategies. In addition, you refer more how to write a standard Facebook article to attract customers here.


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