How to SEO YouTube videos to the Top

In the previous article, showed you how to make money online on Dailymotion, if you are making money on YouTube videos, you read along refer to the article below of to learn how to SEO YouTube videos to Top to ” pull channel “.

YouTube increasingly tightening policies, regulations to enable monetization, the channel must have 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 new subscribers to be listed on the waiting list to enable monetization. For YouTubers, in addition to selecting and developing unique content, it requires a bit of SEO experience to put your video on the Top and pull the channel.

So in the article below will guide you how to SEO YouTube videos to the Top.

Table of Contents:
1. How to SEO YouTube videos to the Top
1.1. Video title – use keywords
1.2. The video description
1.3. Video file name
1.4. Optimize videos with search data
1.5. Use the subtitle (CC) feature on your video
1.6. Tag and keyword research for YouTube videos
2. The best YouTube keyword research tool
2.1. Tubebuddy
2.2. YouTube Studio
2.3. VidIQ
2.4. Keyword research tool Ahrefs YouTube

1. How to SEO YouTube videos to the Top

Before you get started, a small note you need to know is that YouTube has its own algorithm to rate videos. Even if you have a “sub pump or view” you can’t be sure of a high ranking.

One of the factors that directly affects high YouTube video rankings is watch time. So to attract viewers, firstly, make sure your channel builds unique and strange content, not to be overlapped with other channels.

Here are some ways to SEO your YouTube videos to the Top:

1.1 Video title – use keywords

Video titles let viewers know what your video is about, what content. The title that fits your video content is both useful for audience retention and YouTube SEO algorithm, instead of using the headline “hanging dog-headed goat”, one name, the other.

Take advantage of the autocomplete feature of Google and YouTube to give you an overview of what users are searching for on these platforms so that you can optimize your content accordingly.

how to seo youtube videos len top 2

As you can see in the screenshot above, when entering a few keywords YouTube will start showing the suggested results. This is because these are the most searched queries related to your keyword.

how to seo youtube videos len top 3

Similarly, you can use Google’s autocomplete feature to come up with more keyword ideas. Use these keywords to add to your video title. In addition, you refer top SEO keyword analysis tool best seo here.

1.2. The video description

The next part is to write a description of your video content. The first few lines play a major role, affecting your video ranking in search engines. In this description you can use the auto-complete keyword phrases of the search engine as a description. If the search keyword matches the first 2 lines in the video description, your video is more likely to get higher rankings.

how to seo youtube videos len top 4

In the image above, you can see that the search keyword matches the first 2 lines in the video description. In addition, the use of long keywords in the video description also helps improve and increase your video rankings.

1.3. Video file name

Once you have created and edited your video, and the video is ready to be uploaded to YouTube, however you render the video file as mov001.avi or any other file name, make sure you have renamed the video file. contains keywords from the keyword.

Name your video file with key words so search engines can know what the video is about. This is because search engines cannot know the content of your video. By naming the video file, search algorithms can know what your video is about.

Using the video title as the video file name makes it easier for search engines to index the video, thus ranking the video higher.

1.4. Optimize videos with search data

This is an important step to optimize your YouTube videos.

– Visit

– Click to select Analytics =>Top videos.

how to seo youtube videos len top 5

This will redirect you to the page as below screenshot shown:

how to seo youtube videos len top 6

Click on the video you want to optimize to open the video analysis window of your choice.

how to seo youtube videos len top 7

This will open a page showing all the queries users are using to find your video. The next step now you need to do is to optimize the video title, description and tags based on these queries.

how to seo youtube videos len top 8

Treat these queries as keywords to optimize your video.

1.5. Use the subtitle (CC) feature on your video

Use the captioning (CC) feature on YouTube to make sure other users can view the subtitles and understand the content on your videos better. In addition, you can translate subtitles into different languages ​​to reach more users.

how to seo youtube videos len top 9

You can also upload transcripts. The transcript contains the text of what is said in the video. YouTube’s new algorithm automatically converts your voice into a transcript that makes it easier to activate your voice.

Using subtitles for videos is also a way to index the search engine because it contains the keywords written in it. This way your video keyword will become richer and more search engine friendly.

1.6. Tag and keyword research for YouTube videos

Tags are also an important step, directly affecting your video search rankings on YouTube. Here are some tips for adding tags in your videos:

– List specific tags first: write the main keywords first, this lets the YouTube algorithm prioritize the main keywords first.

– List of generic tags: write general keywords, for example, if your keywords are tips, you can add tags for tech tips, tech tips, etc.

You can also use the Tubebuddy tool to search for tags used in your videos. The tool also displays search rankings for specific keywords. Many professional YouTubers also choose and use the Tubebuddy tool.

how to seo youtube videos len top 10

– Also try adding misspellings to the tag section, then access YouTube analytics tool and check how user traffic accesses the video.

– Add singular and plural tags, and separate your keywords into separate sections, such as “prime” and “magic”.

– Add phrases to tags as longtail keyword.

Keyword research for YouTube videos

Keyword ideas are one of the important parts of SEO. To get keyword ideas for your videos, you can use the Google Display Planner tool.

Google provides two tools, Keyword Planner and Display Planner, that allow users to get keyword ideas. recommends using Display Planner to get related keywords.

how to seo youtube videos len top 11

Display Planner not only provides a large number of keywords but also gives users insight about the keywords being searched.

Download these keywords and add tags, titles and video descriptions that help your video rank higher in search engines.

2. The best YouTube keyword research tool

2.1 Tubebuddy

This is the most popular YouTube keyword search engine today. This tool is available as Chrome extensions available as applications for Android and iPhone. The biggest advantage of this tool is whether it shows how easy or difficult it is to rank a keyword on your YouTube video.

how to seo youtube videos len top 12

Download Tubebuddy and install it here.


2.2 YouTube Studio

By using YouTube Studio you can search for keywords that drive traffic to videos on your channel. Using this data you can optimize your existing videos to improve search ad rankings more in the YouTube search engine.

Follow the steps below:

– Access YouTube Studio.

– Click to select Analytics (analysis) =>Reach viewers (approaching viewers).

how to seo youtube videos len top 13

– Click to select Traffic source (traffic source) =>YouTube search (search on YouTube).

– Click on any keyword to see more information.

how to seo youtube videos len top 14

After you’ve taken keywords to drive traffic to existing videos, you can start optimizing those keywords.

– Add the keywords you obtained in the previous step to the YouTube video description.

– Add keywords as tags on your YouTube videos.

2.3. VidIQ

In addition to the above, VidIQ is also one of the effective YouTube keyword suggestion tools. VidIQ offers many features that help improve the overall ranking of the YouTube videos you have uploaded.

how to seo youtube videos len top 15

Download VidIQ to your device and install it here: Download VidlQ

2.4 Ahrefs YouTube keyword research tool

Ahrefs is a popular marketing tool, recently integrated YouTube keyword research tool. You can use this tool to research and search for keywords.

how to seo youtube videos len top 16

After accessing the control panel, click Keyword explorer and start the keyword research process.
So the article above has just taught you how SEO YouTube videos to the Top. In addition, if you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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