How to set a password for the drive on Windows 7

To set passwords, passwords for drives or folders on your computer, you often use the supporting software. However, Windows 7 has a built-in tool that can help you set a pass for the drive without having to use supporting software. The following article will guide you how to do it.

When setting a password, password for a drive or a folder file on your computer, you often download Folder Guard or File locker to your computer to use because Folder Guard or File Locker are software to create passwords. High security password. These software protect your data very well.

However there are many ways Set a password for the computer But especially on Windows 7, there is an available tool that many people do not know can protect your data, let’s learn about this utility with
How to set a password for the drive on Windows 7 without using the software

Download the installation of Win 7 here: Windows 7

Step 1: Right-click the drive in which the password is to be set, click Turn on Bitlocker
Set password to Windows 7
Step 2: Here, tick the box Use password to unlock the drive, then enter the password in the 2 boxes below (enter the password of the 2 boxes the same and the password must ensure a minimum length of 8 characters including letters) numbers, letters, and special characters). Then click Next
I created the password for Windows 7
Step 3: At this point, the tool will let you save the password file in case you forget the password. You can use the suggestions provided by the tool, then click Next to continue.
Create a password for Windows 7
Step 4: Click Start Encrypting to start encryption
I created the password for Windows 7
After finishing, you restart the computer immediately your drive will be locked, every time you access, you need a password to be able to open.

To remove this feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access to Control Panel —> BitLocker Drive Encryption

Step 2: Click here Turn Off BitLocker
* To change the password Click Manage BitLocker of a locked drive with a password

Click here Change password to unlock the drive

So that way you can lock, set passwords, passwords for drives on your computer quickly, avoiding unwanted access from others.


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