How to set Google as the default search engine on Coc Coc

The search function on Coc Coc with Google is not pre-installed, to use, users will need to access the settings of this browser and make some changes, detailed steps will be shared by Taimienphi in content.

TipsUsing Coc Coc – A super fast web browser of Vietnamese people

By default Web browser Coc Coc uses the default search engine developed by itself with many advantages and especially optimized for Vietnamese users. However, because it is still new, users who regularly use Google Search will find it difficult to become familiar with the search engine on Coc Coc.

Search on Coc Coc with Google

If you are also a similar problem, this article will share some simple tips to make Google the default search engine on Coc Coc computer and phone.

Make Google a search engine on Coc Coc

Whether using Coc Coc on computers or phones, users can change the settings, making Google the main search engine. But first, please update to the latest version of this browser on your computer.
– Download the Coc Coc browser to your computer: Download Cup Cup

And update Coc Coc browser for your phone by following the link below.
– Download Coc Coc for iPhone
– Download Coc Coc for Android

1. How to search by Google on Coc Coc computer
Step 1:
Open the Coc Coc app on your computer. Click on it Setting There is a gear icon in the toolbar on the left of the screen.
Step 2: At the window Setting , scroll down to find the item Search . In section Search engine used in the address bar you choose Google .

How to set Google search by Mac search on Coc 2

By default, Coc Coc will display the default homepage of the browser with lots of ads. If you feel annoyed, you can change this setting.
Step 3: In section Setting , you scroll down the item On startup and click Open a specific page or set of pages , choose Add new page .

how to set google search to find mac coc 3 security tools

Step 4: Enter the website address you want to display as soon as you open the browser, then press More . Here, Taimienphi enters the link to the Google homepage.

How to set Google search by Mac search on Coc 4

2. How to search by Google on Coc Coc phone
Step 1: Open the application on your phone and open the options menu by clicking the Coc Coc icon on the toolbar below the screen, select Setting .

How to set Google search for mac root on coc 5

Step 2: Click on Search engine. Here you choose .

How to set Google search to find mac chat on coc 6

So you’ve set up Google to become the default search engine on Coc Coc browser.
Operation to install tips Search on Coc Coc with Google On computers and phones are relatively similar, users only need to follow the instructions to be able to follow exactly. With the familiar toolbar, you will easily manipulate and find information more effectively.


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