How to set the easiest desktop wallpaper for Windows 10, 8, 7

To decorate your desktop screen more beautiful, more interesting instead of the default wallpaper on windows, you can set your desktop wallpaper with your photos, how to set your desktop wallpaper easily Most of the below will help you do this in less than 10 seconds.

Currently, there are many different ways for computer users to easily set the computer wallpaper without the help of any software. Each operating system has different ways to set a desktop wallpaper, but the easiest way to install desktop wallpaper is applicable on most versions of Windows today that not everyone knows.

How to set the computer wallpaper the easiest

Step 1: First, you need to prepare yourself a beautiful picture, high quality to be able to set it as the appropriate desktop wallpaper. You can search Google for keywords “HD Wallpapers” or “hd wallpapers” to search and download pictures like that.

Step 2: Once downloaded, the easiest way to set your desktop wallpaper is just for you right click go to that wallpaper file and make a selection Set as desktop background is done.

how to set the best computer wallpaper 2

Desktop wallpaper will be changed shortly, you can go to the desktop to check

how to set the best computer wallpaper 3
The above is the easiest way to set a desktop wallpaper, but this method only applies to still images and a single image. If you want to change your computer wallpaper continuously by changing many different photos, you can refer to the instructions to change the computer wallpaper continuously to know how to automatically change the computer wallpaper according to time.


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